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    JFisher reacted to bobmax48 in Remove projects from browser on iPad   
    Thank you.
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    JFisher got a reaction from josebauno in Apertura de foro en español   
    Hola Jherrerosca y bienvenidos al foro
    No tenemos planes de crear un foro separado por el momento, pero por favor, siéntase libre de publicar en su propio idioma, podemos traducir y espero ayudar.
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    JFisher got a reaction from artnok in Huge bug when (alt) duplicating artboard   
    Hi artnok

    I'm unable to replicate this issue with any Artboards that I have created, Would it be possible for you to send me the file directly here or create the contents in another document and send me a copy so I can test this? 
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    JFisher got a reaction from artnok in Huge bug when (alt) duplicating artboard   
    Feel free to PM me the link. :)
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    JFisher got a reaction from artnok in Huge bug when (alt) duplicating artboard   
    Hi artnok

    Thanks for providing your file, I have looked into this and have been able to replicate the problem. This has been logged with the developers. 
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    JFisher reacted to DWright in Tip for optimal Windows configuration to use AP   
    Laptops generally run slower as the hardware is optimised to use less energy and increase battery life so the CPU and memory have lower clock speeds and the hard disk are 5400 rpm models. The specs of your laptop in a desktop will be more than enough to run Affinity Photo.
    Mac will generally run a program faster than a PC due to the  Apple hardware using the same configurations for the different models and this allows the Mac OSX can be optimised to get the best out of these components, on a PC there are so many combinations of hardware configurations that it is impossible for Windows to optimise the hardware automatically and has to be done manually.
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    JFisher reacted to Lee D in How can you import raw files from the iPad photos app   
    Hi Bikewatch2000,
    Welcome to the forums.
    If you have the latest build available from the iOS App Store (1.6.2) this allows the importing of RAW from the Apple Photos app. However the app doesn't identify RAW files, so you will need to know which file to select. This is confirmed in Affinity Photo as only a RAW file will open in the Develop persona by default.
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    JFisher reacted to chaosabzu in "THE ABANDONMENT"   
    IG @chaos3rdeye

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    JFisher reacted to selstephen in First foray into AD   
    This is the my first foray into using AD.
    I guess I would say I'm a casual user but I absolutely love it!
    Initially started with hand drawing but have decided to start to vectorize them.

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    JFisher got a reaction from mbkgfx in Upgrading My PC, Do I need To Buy Again?   
    Hi mbkgfx

    Welcome to the forum :)

    You won't need to purchase the app again, just log into your account here using the email/password combination used when you made the purchase, or revisit your email confirmation which will give you a link to download the app.
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    JFisher reacted to Callum in AFFINITY MAC V. AFFINITY IPAD   
    Hi Rezlegal,
    Welcome to the Forums :)
    The apps are separate purchases I'm afraid. I don't use iPads very often so I will let someone else leave you a recommendation! I'm not sure exactly what you mean by best tutorial, we don't have any that will teach you everything you need in one video.
    You can find all of our iPad tutorials here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/40981-official-affinity-photo-ipad-tutorials/
    You can also find our Photo tutorials here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10119-official-affinity-photo-desktop-video-tutorials-200/
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    JFisher reacted to donka in Impressed by the RAW Develop   
    I just wanted say I was genuinely impressed by the quality of adjustment and output when developing some Nikon RAW files. It's not the kind of performance you would expect on the iPad and I need to remind myself that this genuinely is pro quality software and reevaluate my expectations of what is possible on the platform now.
    A big well done to the team.
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    JFisher reacted to FriendDesign in Hooray! Guys i in team !!!   
    Today I received a letter with a new version for the ipad and this possibility can not be - discount of -20% !!!
    I immediately bought :P,  I'm glad and happy crazy with you! I will quietly rejoice in new works!     Thanks to the developers for the mega product!
    I'm glad that there are companies that make super products at a good price!
    Creative success to you friends!   +1  :wub:    
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    JFisher got a reaction from sisa5 in importing ai file with layers   
    Hi sisa5
    Welcome to the forums :)
    Affinity Designer can only access the PDF stream included in AI files, which doesn't contain the file layer structure. So it isn't possible to access the layers in Designer unfortunately. 
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    JFisher reacted to LilleG in Icons in Brush Context Bar   
    Thanks, JFisher!  That explains why using it on a layer with no transparency had no effect.  :)
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    JFisher reacted to stokerg in Unnamed Layers on iPad   
    Hi Schultz and Welcome to the Affinity Forums,
    To rename the layer, open up the Layers tab, select the layer and tap the ... icon (3 dots) and then tap the current Layer Name which should be in this case Curves Adjustment.  You'll then get a screen where you can rename the layer.
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    JFisher got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Compatibility   
    Hi Susanmmraz

    Welcome to the forum :)

    We’re sorry that you’re unable to use Affinity Photo on your iPad.   Affinity Photo for iPad requires at least a 9.7 inch screen and uses specific Metal features that are only available to the iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 and all iPad Pro sizes.   Due to the way the App Store works, it wasn’t possible for us to exclude all of the unsupported models of iPad. Because of this we added this phrase into the description on the App store page "supports iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad (early 2017). Please note that older iPads are not supported", hoping that users would see this before purchase. We are requesting a change to the App Store submission process to avoid unsupported models from being listed.   If you’ve purchased the app and you have an unsupported iPad, please contact Apple to get a refund.
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    JFisher reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo for iPad launched at Apple WWDC   
    Affinity Photo for iPad – the first fully-featured, truly professional photo editing tool to arrive on Apple’s tablet – is now on sale.
    We were proud to be able to launch it during the keynote at Apple’s WWDC in San Jose on 5 June – the highlight of Apple’s global product launch calendar.
    If you saw that, or if you use Affinity Photo already, you’ll understand why it’s the choice of thousands of professional photographers, retouchers and editors around the world. 
    We think Affinity Photo for iPad redefines photo editing once again, by bringing almost all the features in the Mac version to your iPad, so you can take all that photo editing power with you wherever you go.
    The new version is tailored to harness the explosive power of the iPad’s hardware and touch capabilities, and is compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Pro 10.5-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch. Please note this is not the list of iPads that the App Store suggests it will work with, see this post for an explanation.
    We expect this to be the biggest launch we’ve ever had and even better, Affinity Photo for iPad is priced at an introductory discount of more than 30 per cent in the App Store – so for now, you pay £19.99 / $19.99USD / 21,99€.
    Watch the video: https://vimeo.com/220098594
    See more: https://affinity.serif.com/photo/ipad
    Watch some tutorials: http://affin.co/ipadtuts
    Here's a clip of our MD presenting Affinity Photo for iPad which is 100 minutes in to this WWDC video
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    JFisher got a reaction from stokerg in Zeichenstift   
    Hallo Pixelschieber :)
    Sobald Sie Ihre Auswahl mit dem Stift-Werkzeug vorgenommen haben und es in eine Auswahl umgewandelt haben, klicken Sie auf Auswählen> Als Ersatzkanal speichern. Dies steht nun auf der Registerkarte 'Kanäle' zur Verfügung. Erstellen Sie nun eine weitere Auswahl mit dem Stift-Werkzeug, fügen Sie zu Ihrem bestehenden hinzu und klicken Sie dann mit der rechten Maustaste auf den soeben erstellten Ersatzkanal und klicken Sie auf "Zu Pixelauswahl hinzufügen"
    Ich hoffe das hilft!
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    JFisher got a reaction from alexbet in Transfer preferences?   
    Hi alexbet :)

    Unfortunately it is not possible to import your custom settings, this has been requested in the past so hopefully it will be something that is added in a future update. 
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    JFisher got a reaction from John Rostron in Affinity Photo trial for Windows   
    Hi My1,

    The roadmap for Affinity Designer can be found here. 
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    JFisher got a reaction from Allsop in “Corrupted edges"   
    Hi Allsop :)

    What camera are you using? You can check the supported list here. You can use the Lens panel in the Develop Persona to remove distortions, you may find this tutorial helpful. 
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    JFisher reacted to James Ritson in “Corrupted edges"   
    Hey Allsop, is it a Canon Powershot or another type of bridge camera by chance? These generally have cropping/correction instructions written into the exif data (I presume you're shooting raw?) in order to discard the edges of the frame, which as you can see are unusable. At the moment Photo doesn't read or use these instructions, so it just processes the entire image frame.
    There are some ways around this:
    Coming from a glass-half-full perspective, because Photo isn't discarding any pixel data, you can at least determine exactly how much to crop out. For example, you might want to crop out just some of the edge detail, then use inpainting to try and replace the remaining unusable detail. As Jack has mentioned, in the Develop Persona (when you first open the raw) you can move across to the Lens panel and use Scale to scale the image up and gradually remove the unusable areas. If you're on Mac, you can switch across to Apple's Core Image Raw engine rather than SerifLabs, and this will automatically crop into the image so you'll never see the unusable areas. To do this, in the Develop Persona, click the tuxedo icon on the top toolbar, and change RAW Engine to Apple (Core Image RAW).  
    Hope that helps! (Apologies for the bolding, just wanted to highlight key areas of the UI)
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    JFisher got a reaction from Geminitiger in editing in AP from Photos extensions, how to move back from AP   
    Hi Geminitiger

    Once you have selected 'Edit in Affinity Photo' from Photos this will open in Affinity directly, once you have made your edits just save the file and close the document in Affinity and this should update in the Photos app for you. 
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    JFisher got a reaction from Alfred in Cannot get free trial to launch, 1am 12th May, Unable to open   
    Thanks Alfred! Still need my morning coffee.. :rolleyes:
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