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  1. Hi hr.mu Welcome to the forum On Windows, hold down the ALT key and both mouse buttons. Drag horizontally to set brush size and vertically to set the brush hardness.
  2. Hi maku Welcome to the forum Please try resetting the app, you can do this by holding down the CTRL key when opening the app, clicking 'Select All' and 'Clear'
  3. Hi Kestrel Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Are you still having this issue? We have a Canon scanner in the office and I haven't had any issues using Aquire with Affinity Photo.
  4. Hi Ian Edwards Welcome to the forum Try resetting the app, to do this hold down the CTRL key when opening Affinity, click 'Select All' and 'Clear'
  5. Hi huang Welcome to the forum When in the Develop Persona, go to View > Assistant Manager and change the RAW engine to Apple (Core Image RAW) and reopen the image. You should find this opens just fine using Apples RAW engine. We will be updating our own RAW supported list in future updates.
  6. Hi Mr. K I've not had any issues opening PDF's within the apps, could you try resetting Affinity Photo and Designer by holding the CTRL key then clicking 'Select All' and 'Clear' If this doesn't help, please upload the PDF files here so I can test them.
  7. Hi flymatze Do you find this crash occurs with this file in particular or any? Have you tried using the latest beta?
  8. Hi, Unfortunately I am unable to open the file you have provided me with. Could you upload the 1.0 folder directly here?
  9. Hi oscuria80 Welcome to the forum. Could you provide a copy of the file so I can look into this for you?
  10. Hi dharmadave, Sorry to hear you're having issues using the app. Do you have this issue with a particular file or any? You can download the latest beta builds for Mac to see if this works any better for you, I have provided some links below. Affinity Photo Beta Affinity Designer Beta
  11. Hi minonger Could you provide me with a copy of the image that is causing this issue so I can test this?
  12. Hi, What seems to be the issue exactly? Have you followed the instructions in the Quick Start guide PDF that is provided with the extra content?
  13. Hi DeEntertainist, We have no plans to add this at the moment, ill move this post to the feature request section
  14. Hi DeEntertainist Welcome to the forum Unfortunately right to left text isn't supported in Affinity apps so will not appear correctly. We hope to add support for this in a future update.
  15. Hi FrankCap Welcome to the forum. I am unable to replicate this issue with any JPEG files I have saved. Could you provide the image that is causing this issue for you?
  16. Hi Hans Snijder Welcome to the forum Do the icons for Affinity Photo and Designer appear correctly in the Applications folder and Launchpad? If so, try removing the icons from your dock and re-adding from the Applications Folder.
  17. Hi Bjornson Please go to %AppData%\Affinity\Photo and create a .zip file from the 1.0 folder you will find in this location and attach it here so I can investigate this further for you
  18. Hi Luca, Welcome to the forum I would expect the refine window to appear when selecting it.Try resetting the app. You can do this by holding down CTRL when opening the app then clicking 'Select All' and 'Clear'. Once this is done use the selection brush again and select the Refine option. Let me know how this works for you.
  19. HI Sr. Picasso, Could you provide a copy of the .afphoto you're working with file so I can take a look at this? I am unable to replicate the issue here.
  20. Hi sealboy Welcome to the forum Could you provide a copy of the .afdesign file so I can look into this for you?
  21. Hi rafi266, I haven't been able to replicate this, when selecting the Width/Opacity options the cursor does change back to the arrow but as the Brush tool is already selected it will revert back to the circle when in the workspace. I haven't needed to re-select the brush tool. Could you provide a screen recording so I can see the difference?
  22. Hi Race course. Welcome to the forum If you select View > Studio > Adjustment this should appear for you.
  23. Hi Mauj Welcome to the forum When you have selected the Filters Menu, ensure you have All Filters selected at the top of the menu. You should now be able to see all options.
  24. Hi I have provided a link to the forum thread which shows details about the 1.6 update, are you having the same issue in 1.6?
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