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  1. Hi Simon Welcome to the forums! :) I am using Colour Efex Pro 4 of the Nik plugins and I am also having the same problem. The only way I am able to have both recipes that I have created showing in both Affinity and Photoshop is to export the recipe from the NIK plugin in Photoshop and then import it into the NIK plugin in Affinity Photo. I will log this with our developers to see if there is anything we can do to improve this, but for now that seems like the only way of getting the recipes on both platforms. Jack
  2. Hi will1960 Thanks for posting on the forums :) I would suggest using the Affinity Photo for all effects like this, you can open the image you are working on in Photo, apply the effects and save it, then reopen in Designer and continue where you left off in Photo. If you want to do this in Designer it is a bit more tricky. But if you follow the guide below you may be able to achieve this. Duplicate the background layer Apply Gaussian Blur effect Use the selection brush to define area that you do not wish to be affected by the blur Hit delete I hope this helps. Jack
  3. Hi Nivrams, Welcome to the forums! Currently Apple Photo's extension is only available if you install Affinity Photo Customer Beta. You will need the Mac App Store version installed to be able to run it. This should be available in the next update of the Mac App Store version. With regards to plugins, the NIK collection and Topaz are compatible with Affinity Photo and we will be looking to add to this list in the future! Jack
  4. Hi dbmc Welcome to the forums! Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are exclusive to the Mac App Store and are not available to purchase any where else. We hope the IT team there reconsider! Jack
  5. Hi Glenngiere, Welcome to the forums :) If you highlight the lines you have on the page, then click the node tool you will then have a few options above the page you are working on which will enable you to do this. For more info, check out this video. Jack
  6. Hi Andreas Thanks for this, hopefully a developer will take a look at your post in the bugs section and investigate further. Cheers
  7. Hi Andreas Welcome to the forums! :) I can see that you have already had a response to this issue here ​Hopefully another user can shed some light on this for you. In the mean time, you could try downloading the trial version of their X7 and see if this works any better for you? This ultimately seems like a Corel issue however. Jack
  8. Hi Jackamus There are no preset styles for wooden textures etc, but it is possible for you to create your own. Please follow the steps below. Insert a quick shape Click the Gradient tool Select 'Type' at the top and then select 'Bitmap' This will open finder, select an image of the texture you wish to use, for example an image of gravel, and click Open This will insert the image inside the quickshape, use the node tools within the shape to alter the positioning of the image. (you can also use the 'Extend' tab across the top) Once your happy with shape, right click it and click 'Create St
  9. Hi VIPStephan! Thanks for posting the on the forums Unfortunately it is not possible to purchase Affinity directly from us, this will need to be purchased through the App store. Jack
  10. Hi Mediafuel Thanks for posting on the forums! Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment but we do have plans for this in the near future. Please visit this link for more information regarding this. Jack
  11. Hi GFS Could you perhaps put the file into Dropbox and PM me a link to it? If you just click my profile and then 'Send Me a Message' Once I have the file I will look into this for you :) Jack
  12. Hi Youwho Welcome to the forums :) At the moment this is not possible unfortunately. We do have plans in the future to include user categories in the media browser for shapes and objects, if this is the sort of thing you are looking for? Click here to see a roadmap of all new features. Jack MEB beat me to it!
  13. Hi GFS Thanks for posting on the forums, Would it be possible for you to provide a copy of the .afphoto file so I can take a closer look? Jack
  14. Hi Pigfender Thanks for posting on the forums At the moment this is not possible unfortunately, we are intending to add Artboards in the future however, this should be great for what you're looking to do :) With regards to the .Tiff file, would it be possible for you to attach the .afphoto file your working with so I can test this? Jack
  15. Hi Vanjan! I would suggest the inpainting tool for this, it may take a few attempts to remove the curtains entirely but this should do the job. If the inpainting tool is not working after applying an adjustment or effect, this is because you are now working on a different layer. If you reselect the background layer you should be able to use the tool again :) If this does not help at all, please attach the image you are working with so I can take a closer look. Jack
  16. Hi Thanks for posting on the forums :) I have been testing this myself and it seems to be working ok for me, there are some long delays when loading the plugin but eventually it works. Does this work for you in any other apps at all? Have you tried a different image with no additional layers? Jack
  17. Hi achim.schaffer Welcome to the Forums :) Do you have Affinity Designer installed at all? If not, the free trial can be found here I would suggest giving this a try within the App. Does this work with other Apps on your machine at all? Jack
  18. Hi Cesco, Thanks for posting on the forums! Unfortunately this is not an existing shortcut, you are able to add your own shortcuts into the latest Beta but not specifically for joining curves. You may wish to suggest this as a feature for a future update. This can be logged here Jack
  19. Hi vzfy Thanks for posting on the forums :) All files saved from Affinity Photo will be in a .afphoto format, which is only recognisable by Affinity. You could export your image into a more widely recognised format, such as JPEG or PNG. This can be done under the file menu :) I hope this helps! Jack
  20. Hi Cyan282! Thanks for posting on the forums :) When you have made a selection and wish to adjust it, press Q (to enter Quick Mask mode) with the Move tool selected. This should enable you to move the selection freely :) Jack
  21. Hi Willem Thanks for posting on the forums :) Just as a test, ​I would suggest installing the Beta versions, let me know if this is any better for you. The Photo beta can be found here and Designer here Jack
  22. Hi Jackamus! I am unable to replicate this myself, would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the document you are working with so I can test this? Please also provide the steps you followed to get the crash. Jack
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