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  1. After recently having the opportunity to work with Affinity Photo under Windows, I noticed that this version has guiding lines leading to the axes when moving the nodes of the curve in the graph. Unless I'm completely missing something, the Mac version of the program does not have this very useful quality of life feature. Any chance we could get this in the Mac version as well?
  2. When docking the Text Frame studio panel, it's essentially unusable. When it's grouped with other panels, large parts of the Text Frame panel are inaccessible, as the content of the panel does not scroll. In the example below, the panel is docked and grouped with the Transform panel (top left), and only the Fill and Outline properties are visible. When docked on its own, only the title is visible (again, top right in the picture below), but the content of the panel cannot be made visible: In both cases, the docked Text Frame panel also affects other panels in the same Studio side. You can see in the pictures above that all other panels appear empty when the Text Frame panel is selected. When selecting one of the other panels on the same side of the studio, they always expand to fill the whole side, as shown below.
  3. That's a Finder issue. I have seen the same for months on many occasions when saving files from various applications. For some reason, this only seems to affect graphic files. When you restart the Finder, the files become visible.
  4. …so, shortly after the release of the 1.7 patches.
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