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  1. I used the flood fill tool and this worked. But I thought that when you had something selected then started messing with the color panel that you would see the colors apply in real time to the selected object. Am I wrong on that?
  2. I have drawn a rectangle and want to change the color, but cannot do so. It is the top layer, but will not respond to any color selection I make using the wheel. I know it's absurdly simple but I cannot get it to work.
  3. Oh I get it - it just takes some time before the export process begins. The resulting PDF looks accurate.
  4. I am trying to export a complete book, but no files are being exported. It was calculating the size but seemed hung up so I clicked Export. Am I missing something?
  5. Thanks - this was the only option I could find, but I wondered if there was something else that would automate those style choices without setting values.
  6. I want to have my text/paragraphs continue without spaces. Is there a simple option for this? Right now I have gaps, but I want them to simply go to the next line below when I hit return, not create a space. thanks
  7. I have been trying this - as per the screenshots - but cannot get it to work as in the Affinity tutorial. Is there some reason why my PNGs are not accepting the text wrap?
  8. As per the images below, I am trying to wrap text around a PNG, but it will only sit around the edges of the image box, not flow around the edges of the images. How can I fix this? Thanks
  9. I've created PNG image files in Photo and am placing them in Publisher. Some of the images allow me to resize them freely, but some do not. The ones that do not, will only allow me to move the box around the image - but not drag the corner to resize the box. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  10. This is the type of image file I'm working with. In many of them I need to cut and move the signature.
  11. That's precisely what I'm trying to do. I need to move the elements closer together, and be able to freely resize the final image in Publisher.
  12. Here's the image. I need to move the signature and date in the corner closer to the other elements.
  13. I am doing the prep in Photo for Publisher, so am using both in this project.
  14. It seems that if I rasterise the image, then I cannot freely transform it in Publisher. Is there a way around this issue?
  15. I have two images within a single image file, and I need to move them closer together. How do I do this?
  16. Just to clarify: when the Photo and Designer personas are live, will they give us the functionality of the full applications if we've purchased them? Or does this work in some other way?
  17. I'm doing a batch processing of images, using a four-step macro, and nothing is happening. The first four, from a list of 28 images are just hung up, the wheels spinning. When I tried with a batch of just two images they were done immediately as far I can tell. This works for three images too. If I do four - it does nothing at all. It does not show anything as processing - though if I try to quit Photo it stops me, saying that there is a job processing. I've also tried batching seven images, and the first four are just stuck - as in the first list of 28. Is there something else I need to know to get this working? I have over 200 images to process the same way. I have a fairly recent iMac, with 16GB of RAM, and it never slows down normally. So what could be going wrong here? I've followed the Affinity video, going through several times. The only difference is that I am outputting as PNG.
  18. I have about 80-90 panoramas to create. Is there a way to batch create them, out of the pairs of scans I have?
  19. I am creating panoramas of pairs of scans and they all come out upside down. When the panorama is applied, there is no Transform menu in the bottom right, nor are there the rotate icons. I need a shortcut for rotating these images 180 - what is the quickest and easiest way to do this?
  20. This is the one! Rasterising the whole lot was the missing step. Thanks to all for their help! So the steps that worked: 1. Scan document as black and white jpg or PNG 2. Import into Photo 3. Use Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels Adjustment 4. Levels: Black - 14% White - 76% Gamma - 1.288 5. Document > flatten 6. Filters > Colours > Erase white paper 7. Export as PNG, selection without background 8. Import into Publisher image frame 9. Give thanks and celebrate!
  21. I've tried this - same result again. The grey background is still there despite following all steps. When I create the PNG it looks as it should - so why is the grey background always in the final version that is imported into the picture frame in Publisher? If I paste it onto the page without using the picture frame the result is identical. It is as though it never truly gets converted to a PNG, or the background is not truly erased. When I paste in your version it works fine - so clearly I'm missing a step or two?
  22. I tried all this with a different scan - same result! But I could not copy/paste the levels adjustment. It just gave me the old image instead of the new one. What could I be doing wrong here? Are there any videos that could walk me through this process? I could not find any.
  23. What is the list of steps to produce this? I don't do this for a living so am very out of practice ...
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