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  1. In the Section Manager panel, it would be handy to be able to double click on the section on the left and go to the page.
  2. In a book chapter I'm making some changes to leading etc, but am having to change every text frame individually as I cannot see how to apply the changes to all linked text frames. I have highlighted all text but still the frames are being treated as unlinked. How would I link them in order to 'bulk' edit?
  3. Sorry - I'm not getting this. When I turn it on it is only acting on one frame at a time. I want to apply it to all linked frames. When I adjust the grid spacing it seems to alternately shrink and expand the spacing, not move only in one direction as you would expect. Again, a video walkthrough would be helpful.
  4. Where is this menu mac? In German I only know the words for squirrel and matchbox.
  5. When enabling baseline grid, all my carefully laid out headers, footers and titles are thrown way out. Is there a way to avoid this? Can I restrict baseline grid behaviors to the text columns alone and leave headers and footers unaffected? If I apply it to the top margin the footers are still affected. It also changes the body style, opening up huge spaces between paragraphs.
  6. Having had such horrible nightmares with trying to do book layout with Word - and having created a working book without using Section Manager - I am somewhat resistant to going there in the final tweaking process. However, I see the utility of Section Manager to some extent, and would like to work with it with confidence. So please Affinity, consider making a tutorial video on this feature. The tutorial series is excellent and I have produced a book in a week based on this guidance, and the excellent support in the forums.
  7. For the opening sections of the book I need to use Roman numerals but am blanking in how to approach this. How do I do this?
  8. I have uploaded a book draft to Kindle Direct Publishing for the paperback. However, KDP's previewer only recognizes single pages, so they are effectively cutting out every right handed page. It seems I need to export the file as single pages rather than spreads. Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't see an export option which produces single pages. Is there a way to convert spreads to single pages then export?
  9. Does anyone know of a good video tutorial on the section manager? I couldn't find anything obvious. At the moment I am creating masters with the running heads for the various sections, and just applying or clearing masters in order to make do. But is the section manager something I ought to be using for some good reason? Thanks
  10. I did use the rectangle tool, and cannot explain why it ended up as a pixel layer. I'll experiment and see if I can get it working as intended. Cheers Walt
  11. I used the flood fill tool and this worked. But I thought that when you had something selected then started messing with the color panel that you would see the colors apply in real time to the selected object. Am I wrong on that?
  12. I have drawn a rectangle and want to change the color, but cannot do so. It is the top layer, but will not respond to any color selection I make using the wheel. I know it's absurdly simple but I cannot get it to work.
  13. Oh I get it - it just takes some time before the export process begins. The resulting PDF looks accurate.
  14. I am trying to export a complete book, but no files are being exported. It was calculating the size but seemed hung up so I clicked Export. Am I missing something?
  15. Thanks - this was the only option I could find, but I wondered if there was something else that would automate those style choices without setting values.
  16. I want to have my text/paragraphs continue without spaces. Is there a simple option for this? Right now I have gaps, but I want them to simply go to the next line below when I hit return, not create a space. thanks
  17. I have been trying this - as per the screenshots - but cannot get it to work as in the Affinity tutorial. Is there some reason why my PNGs are not accepting the text wrap?
  18. As per the images below, I am trying to wrap text around a PNG, but it will only sit around the edges of the image box, not flow around the edges of the images. How can I fix this? Thanks
  19. I've created PNG image files in Photo and am placing them in Publisher. Some of the images allow me to resize them freely, but some do not. The ones that do not, will only allow me to move the box around the image - but not drag the corner to resize the box. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  20. This is the type of image file I'm working with. In many of them I need to cut and move the signature.
  21. That's precisely what I'm trying to do. I need to move the elements closer together, and be able to freely resize the final image in Publisher.
  22. Here's the image. I need to move the signature and date in the corner closer to the other elements.
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