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  1. This doesn't seem to have made a difference - if I uncheck 'resample' the document is the same size. Should it not be bigger if I've upped the DPI?
  2. I need to adjust the position of objects by small amounts - how can I control that? Thanks
  3. I am creating a book cover and would like to center the cover image and text elements with reference to given points (i.e. the template guides, so it aligns properly within the cut lines). Is there a way to set two points either horizontally or vertically, and center all elements based on those? Thanks
  4. How do I introduce a jpg into a canvas to begin working with it? I can't seem to copy and paste the jpg. When I open one tab with the canvas and another with the image I can't select and copy the image - it's greyed out. Thanks
  5. I have an image at only 82 dpi which needs to be 300. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
  6. I need to put a thin black border around white lettering - meaning that each letter has its own border, to highlight it against an image. How is this done? Thanks
  7. How can we continue this exchange? Apparently I can send no more messages via this forum until tomorrow. And how can I send the image confidentially?
  8. I am trying to format the image for a specific page size - 6"x9". When I apply this, the document gets stretched up, obviously not in proportion. It definitely says it's what I asked for, but take a measuring tape to it confirms that it's stretched. Both canvas and document say 6x9. Fixes?
  9. It does not apply it. How do I do that? The only effect from changing the colors in the manner you suggest is that no matter what colour I pick, they all come out a stale brown.
  10. How do you change text color? I've selected the text and am hunting for something to give me new colour options for the text, and something to apply it. Thanks
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