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  1. Oh that's strange I attached all the original pics in here. I kept trying for hours to get it right but I just couldn't. :(
  2. Ok so I am attaching the pictures here: Background.jpg (Erase the man out of the sitting at the table) Remove all background.jpg (Place us in the "background" image "Screen shot" is a horrible sample of how id like it to come out. Id like it to look like were actually standing there please. For some reason the plates and other things got distorted a little. Please make sure to make me look a little thiner but not too obviously thinner and thiner arms. do the same for JM as well please. I am so excited about this! Thank you so much!! I couldn't load the other affinity file but here is the link to download it: http://expirebox.com/download/330ab4efb9bc571ec8fe95cc45acdf74.html Perfect Selection cut out.afphoto
  3. Ok so the ai file woked but its cut off into so many different segmented layers. Isn't there one that comes in one piece with the dotted lines to aline it property?
  4. hmm, I did google and downloade some of these earlier but it seems they are only compatible with Photoshop and AE not Affinity. ;/ Unless I am doing it wrong? please advise. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! Help! I was wondering if someone could do a template for me for a jewel case panel? Ive attached a picture similar to what I am talking about. I found this online so I copied it just to show you guys what I mean. I also attached the CD Label that someone else had posted in affinity forum back in 2014. That worked perfectly for me because it allowed me to edit it. So I would like something similar done to the back panel template so I can edit it in the future. Thank you! CD_Label_120mm-22mm.afdesign
  6. Thank you Thank you! Can you make one for the backside of the cd jewel case panel please so that it fits perfectly?
  7. Ok so I am following the youtube video you sent me of Photoshop but I am getting stuck at the new layer fill area. Here are my steps so far: Opened my picture of my husband and I did the selection tool created new layer mask within the selection Then I get stuck on the fill layer because I can't select it white and if I deselect our main one then our it will look like a cut of us rather than a white background. If someone can guid me step by step, I would really appreciate it.
  8. Oh lord. Ok so now I don't know why I have a black outline around us. I have removed all of effects and it still has a black outline. As for tweaking at it, can I do it while its in the new background or do have to go back to the original photo again? For some reason it doesn't smooth out when try to select that option. Ive been working at this for 3 days now. Sad huh? I attached both photos in here for you to see what I am working with. Please help!
  9. Hello, Ok so I have a photo of my husband and I that I want to crop and paste into a nicer background photo. I selected, cropped us out of the original photo and pasted us into the new background photo. Thats as far as I got! The only thing is that lines are really rigid and not very smooth and clean looking of us. I want it to look like we naturally took the pic there. How can I do this to our selection and not the entire background?
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