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  1. Thank you Bruce, Don't bother with the file. The problem has been solve with the add of a data merge layout
  2. Sorry about my english. What I am trying to say is the game have 123 cards but when I click "generate" on the data merge manager panel, I get 17k cards instead of 123. Hopefully the problem is solved with the add of a data merge layout
  3. I put all things in masters to let texts from data merge being of different format before the merge. In case of change in the text (rebalancing the game, mistakes …), I just update the data source in the data merge panel and generate again. I found it less time consuming than make change detached afterward. Plus, detaching break the sync with the master. I worked as you mentioned on one project few years ago and have been forced to reset the whole document when the client decided to update to a V2 the year latter 😅 Now I put the whole thing on master, it works better with the workflow of game designers I am working with. (Unfortunately, when I start to design things, clients are still working on content)
  4. Hi anto, I don't remember setting a layout when I designed Cartes Action. I gonna try this (not sure to use this tool properly ATM. I gonna learn more and try ) EDIT : Oh yeah, that's it !!! Thank you very much anto ! I didn't think about looking deep in the content of my layers as I don't remember I set a merge layout in the first place and, as I don't really know how it works, I assume I accidentally made Cartes Action worked as expected 😅
  5. I tried the following : Use the csv from one file with the other with updated fields). Cartes Action version RECTO : No repeat. I get a 65 pages file with the 13 first page populated with data from the CSV Cartes Observatoire RECTO : Same problem as described in my OP. It lets me think CSV is ok. Settings where the same in data merge manager window.
  6. Hi, I am working on game cards I need to populate using data merge (see "Cartes Observatoire RECTO" attached to this post). Not all cards have the same design so I made a page for each card in the original file (before merging). I am expecting to get the same amount of page after merging but the app repeats pages to have one of each for each field. In my case : 13 pages x 13 fields = 169 pages in the output file. My goal is to have only 13 pages. NB : This is a sample of the file I made to simplified the case. The real file I am working on is a 123 pages involving the creation of a nearly 17k pages after merging data … 😅 Is there a way to prevent AfPublisher to repeats pages? Data merge manager let me select all page or specified a range to repeat but it seems there is no possibility to doesn't repeat. What I do not understand is I have another similar project with same settings which works as expected : 65 pages turning into a 65 pages after merge. (see "Cartes Action version RECTO") What I am missing ? Cartes Action version RECTO.afpub Cartes Observatoire RECTO.afpub DATA Cartes Action VF.csv DATA cartes Observatoire CH.csv
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