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  1. Hi EmT, I tried to reproduce that “error” by changing the zoom factor (was assumed by DM1 to be the root cause). But this had no impact on the filters, all worked as normal. So I tried changing some other parameters. And finally I found out that it is the alpha lock that’s causing this behavior. If you protect the transparency in the pixel layer then the live filter will not work, if in preview mode. If you change into list mode by clicking the hamburger, then the live filter does work! Please let me know if you can reproduce this behavior on your Ipad as well or shall I provide a screen recording?
  2. Just wanted to confirm that it’s working now, the way MEB has advised. Thank you.😀
  3. Thanks for your swift reply, MEB. I will follow your advice and will add all pictures from the library.
  4. Hi Walt, thanks for your quick answer. I just was preparing some screenshots to demonstrate the issue when MEB was replying in the meantime. Since he has confirmed my observations I guess there is no need for uploading the pictures - unless you want me to 🙂
  5. I just found this tiny triangle/arrow to access the “hidden” menu this morning. During the past days I copied the files from Fotos via Icloud to Affinity Photo 2….was quit inconvenient. So I am glad to open the files in a quicker and more simple way now. That’s at least what I thought. When importing a file from Fotos then a window pops up and I am informed that AF Photo wants to access my foto library. Now I can chose between “add other files” or “keep current selection”. Then I select whatever is needed. So far, so good. But when I try to import another file then there is no window popping up anymore. So I cannot add further files and I have to terminate AF Photo. After restarting it is working as normal - but only once. If I want to import the next file I have to terminate and restart again. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a bug?
  6. Thanks for your feedback. If it will happens again, I will check the zoom factor.
  7. Thanks for your feedback and confirmation. Well, I was afraid that this function was not considered in the Ipad version. You are right, as long as I need to select just a couple of colors, I can do this with the eyedropper. But for lots of colors this methode isn't suitable. So then I will create a palette from a document on my Windows computer and send it afterwards to the Ipad. Seems to be inconvenient but will do the trick. Hopefully this will be considered in a future update.
  8. Yesterday I had an issue with Photo 2 on Ipad. I tried to apply the Gaussian Blur filter to my image with strange results. The image was expanded from the center horizontally outwards to the borders but without any blurring. So I made another simple picture, just 1 pixel layer, to try again. But after >20 attempts I almost gave up. Just by chance I switched the effect menu from preview mode to list mode and then the filter worked as expected. After switching back to preview mode the same strange behavior occurred - expanding the picture without blurring. Toggling between these two menu modes always showed the same results. One was working right the other one not. Any idea? Here are the original picture without any effect, and the 2 results with different menu modes
  9. In Windows version of Photo V2 you can create a palette from an image or document. But in V2 for Ipad there is no such entry in the drop down menu. I do not know if this was available in V1. But now I am wondering if this functionality was placed somewhere else or is it really missing? If yes, what might be an easy workaround?
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