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  1. The preference panel of Affinity Designer shows only "D50" as an option for Lab colors. But comparing the sRGB comparison values to other tools (chromatist.js and Color Machine for Mac) the values I got are more comparable to the ones of a "D65" color profile (not exactly though). Hex: #0b798f LAB from Affinity (D50): 46, -23, -20 LAB from Chomatist (D65): 47,-20,-20 LAB from Chomatist (D50): 47,-21,-32 Hex: #872157 LAB from Affinity (D50): 32, 47, -6 LAB from Chomatist (D65): 32, 47, -7 LAB from Chomatist (D50): 32, 46, -16 Maybe someone can clarify this and/or figure out whether this is just an issue in Affinity. Thanks!
  2. It does not seem to be listed in the pinned "roadmap" topic. Is there any release date (do you talk about major or minor release BTW) which you are able to estimate? Thanks!
  3. Might that be related to the issue mentioned here? Wrong kerning in Chaparall Pro (maybe other fonts as well)
  4. I try to convert some work from Adobe Illustrator. I made some logo design in Adobe Illustrator. As Illustrator format basically contains an embedded PDF it's pretty easy to see a preview just using QuickView in Mac OS. The format was imported without issues but there might be a general issue correctly respect the kerning information from the font. There are some huge gaps between specific symbol groups mostly related to the uppercase "A" character. At least this is the place where it's most obvious that there is something wrong. I did two PNG exports of the original file rendered by Affinity and Illustrator. I think it's pretty obvious what's wrong. Is better font support on the roadmap or is that some specific issue with some font files? Thanks for support and clarification!

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