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  1. I love Affinity Designer and, if Apple's iPad Pro and Apple Pencil promo videos are to be believed, these products could be the perfect companion for Serif users when they're released in November. Is it possible to use an iOS device as an input for AD? If so, what's the timescale.
  2. Thanks for the link MEB. Using fingers is great but, as a traditional illustrator, I'm really interested in the possibility of using the 'Apple Pencil' as a more precise, intuitive way of creating vector graphics. Obviously, I don't expect Serif to have any answers at this early stage but this could be a really compelling alternative to Wacom's, and other, products. As much as I like using Wacoms, they've always left me wanting. Vanilla iPads with illustration apps don't cut the mustard. An iPad Pro, Apple Pencil driving Affinity apps promises to be an indispensable artist's tool and as portable as a sketchbook. Serif could steal a march on its rivals here. B.T.W. Thanks for the flourishing Affinity suite - an amazing achievement and much appreciated.