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  1. Hi, I paint and draw digitally with a shaky hand and a poor eye for perspective. I also take out-of-focus and poorly composed pictures and then edit them badly. I like to mix the two, mostly because it somewhat hides my technical deficiencies or makes them look deliberate and sometimes people will compliment me on the shoddy result just because it looks different. I work with digital stuff.
  2. I was taught growing up that part of being an adult was learning to stand up for yourself. Childhoods vary, I guess.
  3. It just shows that Serif was at some point selling a Version 1 while telling people Version 2 wasn't currently planned. It is proof that people have a reason to be be making what are legitimate complaints, not gripes. Unless Serif didn't plan it and somehow released Version 2 accidentally...
  4. Except they are addressing it, with some people. There have been people receiving free upgrades or a 50% discount on top of the 40%. Unless all of those people are lying.
  5. I knew exactly what you meant. What you meant is wrong. It should be expected to work with updates for an OS on which it is supported for a reasonable amount of time. 80 days isn't reasonable. And just hope it works for a longer time isn't reasonable. I did contact Serif and received a hard no. I didn't just post to the forums and say it was bad service.
  6. People are acknowledging that. That's why people are unhappy. I bought the software 80 days before Serif abandoned it. There is nothing reasonable about expecting someone to be satisfied with that situation. It shouldn't be "cool if it works" - it should be something that can be relied upon to work. Serif should be addressing this in a way that doesn't involve buying a new product without consideration for what was just paid and the limited value provided. That's easily the worst customer service I've experienced from a software vendor.
  7. So people who got 5 years of use out of Affinity 1 and/or have had their needs met in version 2 have an "I got mine" attitude and want to make unfounded allegations against people who aren't in that group to silence them.
  8. ON1 Photo Raw 2023 includes the plugin features as part of the program. The separate plugin package is a set of features that work standalone and as plugins for other editors such as Photoshop, Corel Paintshop Pro, Capture One and... Affinity Photo.
  9. You straight up came in and accused people of lying with no evidence and called them trolls. There is no reversal, just what you did. that reflects on your character. I'm logged in with my Affinity account. I made my purchase on he Affinity website. Affinity has my date of purchase and my order number. I submitted a support request with that information. An Affinity moderator approved my first post in this thread because it was my first post on the forums. If I was lying and going to be banned for it, it would have happened already, not because of a mallicious and baseless accusation from a random guy in the forum.
  10. Actually, the more likely answer is that you're reading selectively because you want an excuse to insult people. There are plenty of posts here and elsewhere that show the people who have purchased the software recently (go from 90 days, which a purported support message posted on Reddit stated was the upgrade time limit, to 30 days or less which numerous people have posted) either didn't receive an email offer for a discounted upgrade or received a hard no when they asked support about it.
  11. Thanks, I couldn't find that. One week not effectively better for me though. But thanks again for looking it back up and linking it.
  12. Can you link that? I don't see it on Twitter and the last thing I saw from them was that they haven't announced the deadline.
  13. Yeah, I have trouble with the idea that they don't know who has a license for their product or when it was activated. Like you, I purchased directly from Affinity. I also have trouble with the, "Sorry we're EOLing the thing we just sold you, but we decided to give a discount to other people on a new version so you should feel happy for them. Oh, and we'll sell it to you at the same price we're selling it to them, but only if you buy it right away, on top of what you just spent, right as it is time to be buying gifts for the holidays. Later, the price will go up. And, no, we aren't telling you when the price will go up."
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