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  1. I tried this and it works, thanks. I use V1 and I'm evaluating V2 on 30 day trial. To be honest cost is not a factor in deciding if I'll move to V2. However integration is absolutely critical and the inability to call V2 from DXO etc means I'd not bother to use V2 even if it were a free upgrade. If this work around is a one-off then I'm OK, but if it is required every time there is an upgrade I cannot live with that either. So, I'll wait and see if the matter is addressed in the course of my trial period, or at least an update is released and proves I do not have to keep repeating the work around. I really want to continue with Affinity, for many reasons I wish them lots of success and I'm very happy to spend my money with them. I'm just so surprised that they've taken this miss-step with V2. Here's hoping they respond rapidly to our feedback.
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