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  1. Hi all! I am Russian and I do not support this war, we sold everything and the whole family went to live in Montenegro, since May we have been living and working here and are not going to return, the youngest son goes to a local school, the eldest works, we all have a residence permit! I was very pleased with release 2.0, I used to buy only Photo, but today I read that they added a new one and bought it, I bought it not for rubles, but for euros, from a local bank card, but when I saw that there was no Russian interface, I was annoyed, looked at the forum, saw that it was not one such and decided to write! I perfectly understand and support the policy of Affinity about not selling their products in the aggressor country, but people who not only left, but also those who stayed and do not support the regime need to work, receive money for their continued existence. I ask you, please, return the Russian interface, or for example, add Serbian, we want it, because we want to get citizenship here in the future!
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