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  1. I had like 20 minutes to figure this out and I couldn't. The indent (space between the bullet and the text) I found quite fast. But how to reduce the leading between list items while preserving leading between text lines I couldn't find. I needed to make it a lot mor compact than the default spacing between list items. Next I wish there was just a thing like "Create style from selection" so I could apply the style to my other lists. I saw the group style option and created a new style but somehow it wouldn't apply to my other lists. Pfff...too difficult, not intuitive, frustrating and time was up.

  2. I have hundreds of images of various sizes, mostly very large sizes, that I want to resize to a maximum width of 1920px, at 72DPI, RGB colour mode, JPG format. The height should be variable since the original images have various heights as well and I need to keep the aspect ratio to prevent distortions. (1)is this possible with Affinity Photo? (2)what would be the steps for the resizing to record as a macro. (I tried recording resizing one image and then use that recording for a batch job but AP used also a fixed height on every image resulting in many distorted images)

  3. The graphics file I tried to export as a whole was 5.8MB, contained only a few layers, one artboard. The crash is consistent, every time. When I Save As... and make a copy, same story. The newsly saved .afdesign files crashes as well when trying to export as a whole. The only workaround I found was going to the Export persona and export a slice covering the entire artboard. Def a bug.

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