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  1. Thanks, but I don't want to revert every instance in the document, just one individual case.
  2. In Publisher, if an object (a text frame, in this case) has been altered from the master, such that orange line on the left of the layers panel has become dashed, is there any way to quickly revert it to the version from the master, or is the only option to reapply everything manually?
  3. That's what I was looking for. Thanks! I'd been right clicking on the styles looking for an option to select all so I'd found the delete option, but I'm reluctant to use that. I'm working with a document template and, while I might not have used all the styles in it now, I should have used most of them by the time I'm done. Doing this has prompted another question I've been wondering about for a while, but I guess that's better in it's own thread.
  4. In Affinity Publisher, is there any way to select all instances of a text style? Or any other way to find anywhere a style is used within a document? A load of my styles have somehow got duplicated, and I need to work out which are safe to delete.
  5. Ah, I see. Yes, that would have uses. It could do with a partner reset button though. Or at least a snapping setting that corresponds to 100% text scale.
  6. Ah, great. Thanks. I'd repeatedly tried deleting and recreating the second frame, but I hadn't thought to do it with the first. What's that other handle meant to be for then?
  7. I can't for the life of me figure out what's going on here, but I'm asking in the hope I'm missing something obvious before calling it a bug. I'm finding that text changes size when it overflows into a new frame. As in, I have a frame on page one filled with text of the style 'body' which is defined at size 10. If I click the flow button on the frame and then click an empty frame on page two, all the text in that frame appears in size 7.650392. If I cmd+A to select all the text across both frames and reapply the style with Apply to Paragraphs and Clear Character Styles, nothing changes, and the text in the second frame stays at 7.650392. If I resize all the text, say by selecting all and changing up to 24 from the toolbar, the text in the second frame still comes out the same percentage smaller - in that case 18.360941. If I insert more text into frame one, the size change still occurs at the start of frame two, regardless of what formatting is applied to the text. If, instead of clicking on an empty frame, I click the flow button and then draw a new frame on page two, the same thing happens. Thankfully I have just discovered that if I option-click for autoflow, so that Publisher draws the frame itself, the text size stays consistent. So I'm able to carry on working. It would be good to know what's going on though, so I don't have to delete, recreate, and manually reposition every frame.
  8. Here you go. I had to disable Minion Pro again in Adobe Fonts to get the crash to happen again. There are no visible instances of Minion Pro in the document, but if I look at the font manager it shows it as required. Does it not for you? The bullet points on the first paragraphs I select here were originally glyphs from Minion Pro, but I replaced them in the InDesign file to test whether that was the cause. It used to crash on those paragraphs before the change, and it doesn't now. I think they must still be defined in the paragraph style for the second paragraph I click on, even though it's actually using a numbered list. Screen_Recording_2020-07-16_at_13_43_47.mov
  9. Done. I've embedded the images. All the non-default fonts are from Typekit though, so I don't think I can upload those? The one that's missing on my machine, and that I think is causing the crash, is Minion Pro. I'll redownload that from Typekit now and see if the problem goes away. Edit: Confirmed. With the font in place, the crash goes away.
  10. Also just came looking for this as I thought it was a bug. If a colour in a swatch is a global colour, it should be a global colour wherever you select it from, not only some places.
  11. I've come back to Publisher this week after not having used it for a couple of months, and it seems to be crashing all the time. I don't know how many minor updates I've missed, so I can't say exactly when it started. But I'd never had any problems before, even in beta. Today I'm working with an IDML file. The other day, when I also had problems, I was working with a file that had been very heavily modified, but which was also originally created from an IDML import. At the moment, I'm trying to use the paragraph studio to locate a missing font. With the cursor in a text box, the app crashes to desktop every time I click on the tab to open the paragraph studio. Or I can open the paragraph studio, but if I then click to place the cursor in a text box, the app crashes to desktop. It looks like it might only be caused by paragraphs with bullets or numbering, but I'm not absolutely sure. Creating new paragraphs and formatting with bullets and numbering in Affinity seems to work fine, but applying a text style with bullets on from the IDML file causes a crash. It's possible the bullet point used by the style might be the missing font, but I can't confirm that, as I can't view it without the app crashing! Crash report attached. Publisher 1.8.3. Catalina 10.15.5. Affinity Publisher_2020-07-15-162046_Jamess-MacBook-Pro.crash Edit: Confirmed, I've checked the source file in InDesign and the bullet point is using the missing font. If I change the bullet point and re-export the IDML I can click on that paragraph no problem, but the crash still occurs as soon as I move the cursor to another paragraph still using the old style.
  12. Also looking for a way to disable the colour picker. It’s absolutely maddening. I’m on an iPad Air 2, so sketching with my finger, and don’t have the precision of an Apple Pencil. I keep switching the colour to the white background, making drawing very frustrating.
  13. On further investigation, on Mac I seem to be able to position assets wherever I want in the panel if I drag them in from the document. If I create them from the hamburger menu they just go to the bottom of the list, and there's no way to reorder them once they're in.
  14. As per this thread: It currently seems possible to arrange items in the assets panel by dragging, but only on Windows. This functionality doesn’t seem to work on Mac at all. I’m on Catalina on a mid 2015 15” MacBook Pro.
  15. OK, that does sound like it might be a Mac only but then, ‘cause I’ve tried and tried, and dragging definitely doesn’t seem to do anything.
  16. Even dragging doesn't seem to do anything for me. If I drag an item between subcategories there's what looks like an insertion point, as though it would move the item into the new subcategory. But when I release the drag it just snaps back to where it was. Trying to drag to a new location within the same subcategory doesn't do anything. When I release it just snaps back to where it was. I've tried in both list and icon view, and I've restarted Publisher. No luck.
  17. Just started working with the Assets panel. Am I missing something obvious, or is there really no way to sort it at all?
  18. I was when I started, but now I'm halfway through the task I was trying to achieve! Thanks.
  19. Oh, thanks. So it's only possible by dragging? You can't specify the grid origin exactly in relation to the spread origin?
  20. Is this possible in 1.7.3? I can't seem to find an option in the Grid Manager?
  21. I've been checking out some of the new tutorials now Publisher is out of beta, and I've been struck with a way that I could dramatically improve my current InDesign workflow using sections and master pages. Is it possible to export all the sections in a document as separate PDFs with one action, in much the same way you might export all the slices in Designer?
  22. I've just received the preorder e-mail, and I'm excited for the launch. Presumably though, this special beta price is for the Serif store only? I'm torn, because I know Serif will get more money if I buy direct, and I'd love to support them, but my Photo and Designer licences are both from the Mac App Store, and I'd prefer to have everything in one place. Will the Mac App Store be launching with the standard 20% discount mentioned in the e-mail? What about the free font pack that seems to be added to the order? Will App Store buyers be able to claim that?
  23. I'll second this. After looking for suggestions for a while, and discussing it in this thread, I couldn't find any way to replace one colour with a specific other colour. The so-called 'colour replacement brush' only appears to replace hue. It would be incredibly helpful to have a way to recolour with hue, saturation and lightness, rather than just the first two. Or better yet, an ability to input specific RGB values to recolour to.
  24. Thanks a lot. But what I was really hoping to avoid was all the tedious faffing about adjusting feather by eye with lots of trial and error. I've eventually managed to achieve it with the following steps: Add a black and white adjustment, and tweak that until the main colour appears 100% black, and the edge tones have changed as little as possible. Merge the adjustment layer with the layer I'm trying to edit. Create a new layer, filled with white. Hide the new layer, and with the original layer selected, examine the individual red, green, and blue channels in the channels studio to find one that looks as close as possible to identical to the black and white image (I think I used 'Composite Green'). Right click that channel and choose 'Load To Pixel Selection'. In the Select menu choose 'Invert Pixel Selection'. Reactivate the white layer created in step three and, with that selected, flood fill the selection with the desired colour. So, still some judging by eye, but at least I could see what I was doing adjusting the black tones, rather than not knowing what I had until after filling the selection, as would have been the case using feather. Guess the next stop is the roadmap/feature request forums to see if they already have a replace colour feature on the list!
  25. I've found this thread, which I think explains why the Colour Replacement Brush isn't working for me: it actually only replaces hue, and not colour. I guess that's also why it does preserve the lightness as desired at the edges of the shape. Which means, I guess what I want is a tool that replaces hue, saturation and lightness at the point of the initial mouse click, then preserves the relative lightness as I move the brush about. Is there anything that does something like that?
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