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  1. I was when I started, but now I'm halfway through the task I was trying to achieve! Thanks.
  2. Oh, thanks. So it's only possible by dragging? You can't specify the grid origin exactly in relation to the spread origin?
  3. Is this possible in 1.7.3? I can't seem to find an option in the Grid Manager?
  4. I've been checking out some of the new tutorials now Publisher is out of beta, and I've been struck with a way that I could dramatically improve my current InDesign workflow using sections and master pages. Is it possible to export all the sections in a document as separate PDFs with one action, in much the same way you might export all the slices in Designer?
  5. I've just received the preorder e-mail, and I'm excited for the launch. Presumably though, this special beta price is for the Serif store only? I'm torn, because I know Serif will get more money if I buy direct, and I'd love to support them, but my Photo and Designer licences are both from the Mac App Store, and I'd prefer to have everything in one place. Will the Mac App Store be launching with the standard 20% discount mentioned in the e-mail? What about the free font pack that seems to be added to the order? Will App Store buyers be able to claim that?
  6. I'll second this. After looking for suggestions for a while, and discussing it in this thread, I couldn't find any way to replace one colour with a specific other colour. The so-called 'colour replacement brush' only appears to replace hue. It would be incredibly helpful to have a way to recolour with hue, saturation and lightness, rather than just the first two. Or better yet, an ability to input specific RGB values to recolour to.
  7. Thanks a lot. But what I was really hoping to avoid was all the tedious faffing about adjusting feather by eye with lots of trial and error. I've eventually managed to achieve it with the following steps: Add a black and white adjustment, and tweak that until the main colour appears 100% black, and the edge tones have changed as little as possible. Merge the adjustment layer with the layer I'm trying to edit. Create a new layer, filled with white. Hide the new layer, and with the original layer selected, examine the individual red, green, and blue channels in the channels studio to find one that looks as close as possible to identical to the black and white image (I think I used 'Composite Green'). Right click that channel and choose 'Load To Pixel Selection'. In the Select menu choose 'Invert Pixel Selection'. Reactivate the white layer created in step three and, with that selected, flood fill the selection with the desired colour. So, still some judging by eye, but at least I could see what I was doing adjusting the black tones, rather than not knowing what I had until after filling the selection, as would have been the case using feather. Guess the next stop is the roadmap/feature request forums to see if they already have a replace colour feature on the list!
  8. I've found this thread, which I think explains why the Colour Replacement Brush isn't working for me: it actually only replaces hue, and not colour. I guess that's also why it does preserve the lightness as desired at the edges of the shape. Which means, I guess what I want is a tool that replaces hue, saturation and lightness at the point of the initial mouse click, then preserves the relative lightness as I move the brush about. Is there anything that does something like that?
  9. Thanks. But using a simple brush and a selection gives me a harsh boundary between the colour and the white background, losing the anti-aliasing on the diagonal lines. I want the flat colour to be replaced with my specified hex, and the lighter tones around the edges to be with my colour lightened by an identical amount. Annoyingly, the Colour Replacement Brush seems to get that part right, it just doesn't replace with my colour! When you say 'set that layer to "hue", do you mean blend mode? If I create a new layer with a Hue blend mode, then paint on that in my client's colour, the edges are correctly drawn in the right matching lighter shades, but again, with the blend mode on, the colour that's actually visible isn't the colour I pasted in, but a blended version of it.
  10. I'm trying to recolour UI, so I have flat colours on plain white backgrounds, that I need to replace with another specific colour to match my client's brand. How do I do that? When I try using the colour replacement brush, the colour that actually gets painted onto the canvas isn't the same shade as the specific RGB Hex value I've entered in the Colour studio. When I try using an HSL adjustment, the colour change is relative to the existing colour - I don't seem to be able to set the new colour as the specific colour I want. How do I change to a specific colour?
  11. Thanks. You mean both parts work on Windows and should be reported? I see what you mean about the zoom, but on my further testing it seemed like it was the baseline grid that was behaving as expected, and the document grid that was rounding to one decimal place. I'm trying to set up a baseline grid that divides equally by the page height. That does appear to line up correctly, whereas the document grid does not.
  12. Ah, I'm wondering if this is the same problem that I'm having here: I have a grid spaced to three decimal places, to allow for leading that's exactly divisible by the page height. Scrolling to the bottom and playing around with the spacing settings, the baseline grid appears to behave as expected, whereas the document grid does its own thing. I thought maybe it was rounding to a lower number of decimal places, but it often seems to be off at the top of the page as well, so I think the origin might be out of position, but I can't find a setting to change it?
  13. Maybe this isn't a bug, and I'm just missing something obvious, but it looks to me like either some kind of rounding error, or the origin position is off. Or possibly both. Can anyone tell me why the baseline grid and the document grid don't align here? They get further apart as I scroll down the page, hence me suspecting a rounding error.
  14. Ah! Amazing. Just seen this on my lunch break, so don't have time to test fully before my next client arrives, but it's looking promising. Obviously will test to see if I have the performance issues mentioned by 3joern and, as far as I can see, this doesn't yet have the ability to rebalance columns on the fly in the way that the column feature of text boxes does. But it'll build a grid, which is what I needed for a viable InDesign replacement. Thank you!
  15. Ah! Good to finally see a response from someone. Thank you. I have to say, given the number of threads there have been on this issue, I'm surprised one hasn't been stickied. Can we get any word on whether we can expect anything for 1.0?
  16. How do you set the origin point of the grid to be the top left of the margin instead of the top left of the page? How do you get Publisher to automatically calculate the spacing and gutter you need in order to divide your page into two columns? Or three, four, etc?
  17. But this only allows for columns inside a text frame, not at page level. I need column guides I can snap all my images and text frames to.
  18. Well, yes. As they should. I want my Mac software to feel like modern Mac software, not like something built for System 7, ported to Windows 95 and then ported back to Jaguar and not updated since. Print options belong in the Print dialog, which should be consistent throughout the OS. I hate that Adobe's isn't. (As an aside, I find the drop-down style of the print dialog in macOS awkward and confusing, and one of the few areas where the standard Windows UI is ahead of the Mac's. But that's something for Apple to fix, not Serif.) If it's specific binding options that you want, then I'd suggest creating a new thread, naming what you're looking for in the subject line. This thread has got confusing, with too many people seemingly wanting for contradictory things, or things that already exist. Like I said, I don't use the other bindings, so I don't know much about them. But I suspect you'd have a far better chance of getting noticed by the devs in a dedicated thread.
  19. JDW, what is it you actually want? This thread keeps asking for a print booklet feature, which Publisher demonstrably already has. To my needs, Affinity's booklet printing is already better than InDesign's, because it will actually let me export to a PDF, which InDesign's won't, instead forcing me to export a PostScript and then convert it in Preview! I guess you're actually after the different binding settings? But since I only ever used 2-up Saddle Stitch in InDesign I don't really know what the others do. Is the 'Book' setting in Affinity Publisher equivalent to any of them?
  20. Huh. How strange. In fairness, I’ve not actually tried sending it directly to the printer. I’m just using the Print dialog to generate PDFs with the pages arranged for booklet printing. Does that work for you?
  21. Have you got facing pages on? The print settings Garrettm30 recommended work just fine for me. Design with a page size of A5 and facing pages on, so you have a spread for page one, a spread for pages two-three, and a spread for page four. Use the print settings to select an A4 paper size and a booklet layout, and Affinity should rearrange your pages to print with one and four on one side and two-three on the other.
  22. Not for columns, no. It’s great if you want a grid evenly spaced from the spread origin. But it won’t divide the page into equal columns with gaps between them.
  23. Wow, that looks like a pretty handy tool. Would definitely be switching to publisher for all my work if it could do that!
  24. I would use the baseline grid for vertical distribution, and column guides for horizontal. Sadly, Affinity Publisher has the first but not the second. And I've not seen any word on whether they're planned so far, despite quite a lot of threads asking for them.
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