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  1. Hi ! When I started to use Affinity Photo I was looking at some tutorials on youtube related to HSO narroband image stacking. If I remember correctly, it was James the product expert that upload the tutorials. For some reason I can't find them anymore. Could you please tell me whether they can be found on Affinity's website, or this blog ? thanks in advance // Dan -- Over !
  2. Thsnks, I tried saving them each time I stack and it worked. The freeze occured when I was clicking new astrophotograpy stack.
  3. Affinity photo keeps crashing when I try to stack luminance, red, green and blue FITS files. I can stack only three of these types (Luminance, red and green), but when I try to create a new astrophotography stack for the forth one (blue), it opens a black window which freezes my screen. The order doesn't matter, always the last one crashes the software. I do mention that I have a paid license. is there any size limit on the fits files, or what can possibly go wrong ? My PC : Asus ROG I7 1070H CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti
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