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  1. Expanding the stroke to a curve did resolve my problem, still rather strange as to why it was adding those extra 40 pixels to my export though. Anyway, this does resolve my issue so kudos to you both. 😁
  2. The blue box around the arch is 55px, its two shapes, one box 55px and the arch inside. They are combined as a group. I am attempting to export the group. but for some reason the size changes when I add the arrow to the end of my stroke on the arch (well its a circle converted to curves then the curve is broken)
  3. I am having an issue when trying to export an icon for a simple button. I have a 55px by 55px box with a small circle inside converted to curves and split giving this shape: For some reason if I add just an arrow end to the stroke to complete the shape, it somehow goes over the 55px when I go to export but the shape still appears well within the confines of the box: As you can see from the screenshot there appears to be 40px difference just by adding the arrow tip. Is there a way to fix this? I suppose I could just recreate the shape itself and not use the built-in arrow, or export and remove the buffer around my icon but this is a bit tedious as I have quite a few of these to do in various shapes and I need to be able to export within a specific size.
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