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  1. Good news, and I bought the update within a couple of minutes, the only problem being that the order button crashed Safari, though the confirmation e-mail showed it had gone through. I wondered whether I needed to buy a second copy for a second computer. My Affinity Photo from the Mac App Store can be installed on any of my computers using my log-in. Most programs can be installed on two personal computers provided they are not running at the same time. I suspect this could be true for Affinity programs. Can anyone point me to the licensing details?
  2. I am sure you are right. It was a death certificate. OCR was certainly involved somewhere, as an oblique date stamp had been converted to text. I never knew PDF Export was quite so clever.
  3. Just to confirm that PDF -> Word -> PDF works perfectly, with all text editable and the images in the right place.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. It was imported using "Open". I have now tried another two times, once with the default option "Group lines of text into text frames", and again adding "Favour editable text over fidelity". Double clicking on the text only shows "Image 1653x2668 pixels" with the editing option "Replace image". The Layers option shows the page to consist of a single image; a text search for a word in the document gives no answer. It is possible to write text across the existing text, but not to edit it. PDF export to Word gave me three blocks of editable text and three images. I think it is a particular PDF that is at fault, as another large and complex one from an earlier job imported faultlessly into Publisher. The answer would probably have been to convert to Word, convert back to PDF, and start there. We live and learn.
  5. I had hoped the PDF import facility would allow me to edit the text therein. As a translator, I had received a PDF document for translation. I did the job by using Adobe PDF Export to convert it to Word and editing the language therein (also running it through my Computer Assisted Translation software). As an experiment, I tried importing it to Affinity Publisher. I would have liked to edit the text. Here, it came as a single uneditable image. Not much use to me.