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  1. afshalders

    Milky Way

    Hi there ! Some days ago I shot something like 150 frames of the milky way with my camera mounted on a tripod, each picture with 1s exposure, every 1 second. When I try to stack using the auto allign, I'm getting star trails instead of all images stacked and registered to make a long exposure. I tried in perspective and scale, rotate, translate withou success. All I get are star trails. Any clues ?
  2. Same problem here with the X3F files from Sigma DP2 Merrill. Images processed by SPP are noiseless but with AP aren't.
  3. I made some tests with a DP2 Merril and I also see that the green cast has a gradient from the center towards the borders. Noise is also an issue, raw input noise was not removed and the luminance and color noise very high, compared with SPP.
  4. I have the same problem, but not just the green cast. The image detail is also sub par compared to the output from Sigma Photo Pro. Maybe I'm forgetting to do something, but at first glance the image looks poor.