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  1. Purchased the release v1.3.4. Trying to do a Select or Select All on either of the attached .gif files with Affinity Photo does not work. The selection shown is a backwards "L" of no width or height of the right side and bottom of the image. Working with larger .gif files works fine. Nick P.
  2. NPAssoc

    truble for saving my designs

    Great réponse! Thanks.
  3. NPAssoc

    truble for saving my designs

    I'm having the same trouble, but I've identified the culprit in my case: If I have a Framed Text area with an freehand egg shaped path for a frame, the file won't save. If I delete the framed text, the file saves. Here is the object that causes the problem: Here is the message on "save": If I copy & paste the framed text to a new .afdesign document and attempt to save it, the new document will not save. (The paste does not quite work correctly either, the frame & text are not longer the same size—the frame of the text must be rescaled. Oh, and the text color was wrong!)

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