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  1. My little text is ready for publication, and my documents are all set up, but as I get closer to printing the printer has sent me a formatting-template; margins, bleed, that sort of thing. Is it possible to import these settings and adjust my document, or do I have to manually change the margins and so on in the document(s)? The document I have been sent is just a normal afpub
  2. Weirdest thing. I am in my document, I mark a piece of text and open the menu to change the typeface, and if I then hit a key to start typing out the name of the typeface I want, but my cursor is not IN the box for writing the typeface name, I get a crash. No report, no question about restoring on restart, just a complete shutdown immediately. This happens on any document, but does not happen if my pointer is IN the field for the typeface name.
  3. I looked at the memory usage and saw now spikes, and after getting three more crashes the index actually "stuck" without crashing. No idea.
  4. I do not have Show Index Marks as on. I will redo the document and look at memory usage, and see if the crash reappears.
  5. I will look into it and while I can replicate it in a certain document (it happens every time I index a particular line of text) that does not help us much, as I am not at liberty to share the document, and I don't think the same issue would occur is I replaced the text and graphic elements in order to share it.
  6. I have been working in a series of documents now, and something they all share in common is that at random intervals, when I try to insert an index-entry, the program simply crashes. No error-message, no restore-screen, nothing. It just closes down. I can restart the program, open the document again and sometimes I can mark the very same pieces of text and make it an index-entry, but sometimes it will simply result in another crash. Has anyone else experienced similar issues when working with index-marks? Is there a way to make this more stable?
  7. I have uploaded two files, and replaced all the text in them with filler. In order to replicate what I was seeing you open file 1, then Add pages from file, select file 2, select range 2-10 (not the first page, since it is should not be included), insert it after page 5 of document 1, and watch the combined thing turn into a mess. Thanks for taking the time to help. It is very appreciated.
  8. I have made all my chapters for my book as separate documents (because that's what was required of me in my previous software, and I didn't check), and now I want to merge them. Use Add Page from File - perfect. However, when I attempt this the result could out as garbage. Despite me specifying that I want to add all 9 pages from chapter 2 it inserts two blank text frames as the first page, applies the second master, and an illustration, but the text begins on the next page, "pushing" all the other text one page forward, meaning that the last page's text is missing. Is this related to the "Begin document at right page"-bug? How do I affect a clean addition of pages into my document so that I can merge my chapters together?
  9. I have this master, and in this there is a table with one column and three rows. I know that the table when applied to pages will have a different amount of content per row, so I want it to be adjusted to the format. So I have hit "Autofit Row to Contents". However, when I get to the page where this is applied, it appears that the format has "forgotten" this, and evenly distribute the rows instead. And annoyingly the bottom of the table has come off its point and become a lot "shorter". I cannot edit the table, of course, as it is past of the master (frame has 'x's on it). The only way to make the table now fit is to edit as attached or detached, which means that if I edit the master (changing the color or something) the changes elsewhere won't propagate to those pages. How do I get the table to distribute the rows AND stick to its position at the same time?
  10. Perfect. Thank you ever so much. This might resolve other similar issues I have been having. Much obliged, as I journey up the learning hill.
  11. When I look at my Master Page the table does not appear there, and it does not appear on any other pages. I edited as detached on that page previously, and I am guessing the table then slipped into the "local" master (the detached version of the Master page). I cannot seem to move the layer from the Master Layer onto the page layer. I would very much like to. How would I accomplish moving it onto the "normal" page? Heck, I would settle for a way to remove it from the master layer and redo it, but it seems "Delete" for the table element in the master layer list is also greyed out.
  12. I cannot share the file, but I am in the table, and you can see the layers and table panel. I hope this is enough. Appreciate any help.
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