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  1. And for your information Affinity even does not support LTR fully. Example Indic Script. (Devanagari, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, etc etc.)
  2. Hello I think the Alpha transparency PNG is the main issue with Affinity. When ever I cutout something from Affinity Photo and export as PNG with transparent background and import in Publisher I got the same issue not only with My Epson L110 but also with Canon 2010 & HP LJ 1005M. (for me PDF or Apub, APhoto file all are the same when it is come from Affinity and I am with V1) Solution : Print as image.
  3. Hello GihanF The best work around is : Don't waste your time here. Affinity still does not support LTR fully and you want RTL........ Post in this forum will change nothing (as far as my earlier experience with Indic Language Support basic).
  4. And I still have a copy of PP9 along with X9 in my win 10 laptop. 😁 and both works till today. 😆
  5. For Single or few page document, PDF is a workaround for a PagePlus File. But honestly PDF is a worst suggestion to import a multi page Page Plus File. If you have a copy of PP then I world suggest use it. It is still better than Publisher 1.0 (I have no idea about 2.0)
  6. Dear Serif, please patch or update for to this .net issue if possible. Best Regards
  7. Lipighor.com did an excellent work with Keyman. They release a lots of IME which works with Affinity. So you can find a long list of Bengali ANSI fonts now works with Affinity.
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