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  1. @Hangman Yes, I agree. I have debated reaching out to the photographer and asking for the original image source from him. Here is another example from a photographer from our publication department. He took this with his own camera and gave me the original file. I'm assuming that I could print this at 24x36 with no blurriness/pixelation?
  2. @RichardMH Hi Richard, I don't know where your reply went, I don't see it here but I was emailed your post with the leopard photo and it looks really good! You did this is with just Gigapixel? Can you please repost here? Thanks!!
  3. Would love to. But don't know where to find one, lol. If you know any let me know or some sites I could buy from. I'm really new at this. I use Affinity to create web graphics and photo manipulation. Office art and quality printing isn't something I've touched base with.
  4. Thank you all for your advice, I am trying out every method I received, including getting a test print of the leopard image from the printing lab. If all else fails, I may have to use a different image. If any one knows some stock photo sites have great quality images that can be used for printing poster sizes please let me know
  5. this is what Nations Photo Lab told me about their printing: "For our Photo Prints, we do not use inkjet printers. Instead, we produce Chromogenic Prints, also known as Silver Halide Prints. Our Photo Prints are made using a digital image and developed using a chemical process. Silver Halide Photographic Prints are composed of three layers of gelatin, each containing an emulsion of silver halide (used as a light-sensitive material). The photo paper is exposed to light and in turn, the image is infused into the paper through a chemical process. The resulting prints have more depth, more vibrant colors, more details in highlights and shadows, are sharper, and are less susceptible to fading/damage as seen with Inkjet Photographic Prints. Inkjet Photographic Prints involve a process of applying ink to just the surface of the paper!"
  6. Hello, thanks for the info, I was wondering if I changed the dpi to 150 DPI, would that help the quality of the print or keep it same (or make it worse)? I will look up the TOPAZ software as well. I know they won't be perfect but I just don't want my boss to say "Hey, those pictures seem blurry or not good quality". I've tried to look at stock photo sites (Abode, iStock) but I'm not sure I would be able to print them this large either. Here is a screenshot of the printing lab that I'm using, these are their guidelines:
  7. Thanks for info, based on the low dpi of the images, do you think if I exported them at 150dpi that would change the quality to print better?
  8. Hello There, I need some advice about a project I have been working on at my job. I was asked to find art for our newly renovated office and I found great photos on Unsplash. Problems occurred when it came to printing...the project manager said he wanted the prints to be 24x36 inches. I'm not sure I can print these photos that big without losing quality or the pictures printing blurry/pixelated. I think I need the file to be 7200x10800 to print that large, am I correct? I'm very confused. I have Affinity Photo, is there a way to enlarge these photos without loss of quality? I've included links to two pictures so you can see what I'm working with: https://unsplash.com/photos/wYy3rvvgjAU https://unsplash.com/photos/2nx1Z70CT8I Any help would be appreciated, I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to printing from the web. Thanks, Chelly
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