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  1. Thank you Richard and Stepaan. Your comments are much appreciated. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. Seasons greetings!
  2. Could someone please help me to understand how to work on a duplicate and save the original as is in a separate layer. Affinity instructions read: "Affinity Photo lets you make duplicate layers to increase workflow or to temporarily create a 'backup' layer." I can make a duplicate which appears above the original, but when I work on the duplicate, which is locked, the original still gets modified. So what was the point of making a duplicate? It means I can't easily compare the before and after when I make adjustments. Help would be appreciated.
  3. Wow, you guys rule!! I learned more in two minutes there than I did in the two hours I spent on tutorials and fiddling with it today. A big thank you! Garry your video was like magic - I was really sorry when it was over! Watched again and made notes. Very satisfying! Where can I find more demos like that? Thanks for your input too thomaso. You made me feel a lot better! It was most kind of you both to help me out.
  4. Hello again trusty expert helpers! I want to generate a hardback book cover and am studying tutorials on working with layers and images. I am currently working my way through this Robert Chalmers guide as an exercise. https://robert-chalmers.uk/2019/07/23/design-a-book-cover-in-affinity-publisher/ I have followed the instructions as far as Step 2 (I know! I haven't got very far!) where he says With the Picture Frame selected, select the Transparency Tool (wine glass) Set the Fill to White, Type as Radial and set the MidPoint to 50 %. It WILL fill the rectangle with White. Don’t panic. Maneuver the Gradient Slider into place as shown. Trouble is, the rectangle did not go white. Furthermore I don't know what a gradient slider is. If it is the radius on my image, I can't make it go left to right as shown on his screen. Also I note his screen shows more layers than mine. I am wondering what I have done wrong. I would love to get my tram image to blur like his! Here is a screen shot showing the instructions on the left and my efforts on the right. I will attach my file. Thanks for your help 22021031 Chalmers Tram.afpub
  5. Thank you Walt. The right click trick is useful. I set my language to UK English, but the spelling errors Affpub that showed up were inconsistent with UK spellings sometimes. Also I notice you can have it learn, say, the word 'recognize' but you will still have to tell it to learn 'recognized'. All a bit confusing, so I have generated a check list of acceptable variations of spellings now to help with consistency. Thank goodness for F&R! Thanks, Walt. I hope you have lots more patience, because I am going to play with images next! 😃
  6. 1. Is there any way to remove a word from the spell check dictionary once you have told Affpub to learn it? I added a British spelling of a word to the dictionary, but I now want to write with the American spelling. Spell checker does not pick up the British version now. Agh! 2. Spell check highlighted spelling errors of words I had already told it to learn. The only way to get rid of the red line was to click on Unlearn... which seems counterintuitive. Is this normal? I don't understand how this works. 3 Is there any way to review a list of words that you have added? Thanks
  7. Once again, Walt, you cracked it. I thought I had already changed that spacing, but maybe I forgot to click OK. Anyway, that issue is now sorted. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And my thanks to others who all helped too. Much appreciated. Any suggestions for the idea of an em dash without the tabs please, anyone?
  8. Walt, What would I do without you? Now I know what it was I clicked that I shouldn't have! Warms thanks once again.
  9. Thanks again, lacerto. What you have suggested should have worked, but unfortunately, the preflight alarm was triggered in each case. I guess Affinity Publishers have decided double spaced TOCs are all the rage and that's all you can have! Guess that only leaves the manual option with last minute update as you said. Another question, please. I would like to know how to delete the tab separators and replace with an em dash. I can insert the em dash OK, but clicking on the tab to deselect it only added another line of tabs! The author of this guide was not helpful when it came to removing tabs. How would you achieve this effect?
  10. I have managed to update my TOC styles with PART ONE formatting, so now if I can just remove the spaces between the PART and its name, I will be done! Can that be done? Thanks!
  11. Thank you Iacerto. Your analysis is very comprehensive and much appreciated. I am beginning to get an understanding of the limitations of Affpub. What would you suggest as a work around? Type up a last minute TOC? It is such a simple one with only four parts and their titles, this may be the best alternative for me. Red lights in pre-flight are to be avoided at all costs I gather. Once again, sincere thanks for your help.
  12. Thank you Walt. Your explanations and illustrations make it very easy to follow. Success! I now know how to add leader dots. I think esthetically I prefer it without in tis case, but am very pleased I can do it now! Thank you. Thank you too, Old Bruce. Very kind of you to take the trouble to enlighten me! That made perfect sense and it worked a treat. We are getting closer! Now my TOC looks as seen below. But if I format it so that the PART ONE is in caps and there is no paragraph break between that and the name of the part, Pre-flight checker rings alarm bells again. So,is there a way to format the TOC to look prettier and have the Part titles closer to the PART Numbers? That lower case t in Part Two is still a mystery!
  13. My first image above shows my TOC as generated except now I know how to put numbers in, thanks to you! So that is all good. I was able to edit the format so that my TOC was a bit fancier. See image below and was very happy with it. Unfortunately, my preflight checker is not happy about these changes, and if I click on Fix it reverts to the format shown above, (but with number). Could someone please enlighten me as to how I can put my TOC into a more pleasing format that will pass preflight checks? Here is what I hope to achieve:
  14. Help! Don't know what I clicked, but I lost the tool bar that goes along the bottom of the screen. Can't see the Preflight warning or the page navigator and don't know how to recover them. I have closed and reopened, and I have opened older saved documents. No luck. Here is the page about the page navigator but it does not tell me how to view it if it is not there. Thanks for any help!
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