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  1. Photoline Hey Medieval Officer Bones, thank you very much for the recommendations! unfortunately Photoline is too expensive for that single feature, as basically I am happy with Affinity, just missing the above described feature at the moment. I've checked out Krita, and that seems to do the job, TYVM With beste regards -Aran
  2. Yes, but without PS, only with Affinity that seems like a difficult task... Ta
  3. Unfortunately / Luckily no windows. I had gave up using windows after the x-time when the whole system broke down. But thanks for the heads up
  4. I am working with pixel art and a narrow selection of colours. I've managed to create an indexed colour palette, now I only seek to apply this selection to a photo. Extracting colours from a photos is possible, just the other way round unfortunately not.
  5. That's how this feature looks like in Gimp: https://docs.gimp.org/2.10/de/gimp-image-convert-indexed.html
  6. That's what I understood with my research and therefore a straightforward suggestion to the developer team of Affinity
  7. I got the customized palettes, thanks. Still looking for applying the specific palettes to an image, reducing the colors to the palette colors. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for clarification 😀 Yes, saving and creating palettes is clear now thanks to your nice vid, but still I am looking for exactly what you described here 'automatic degradation of the color range of any image to only those in the palette', that is what I tried to describe 👍
  9. As far as I understand a LUT is more like a 'look' one can apply to an image. What I am seeking is a recacluation or even reduction of an image to a certain set amount of defined colors - I come from Photoshop and there was the option of creating an indexed color palette from eg self-determined colors and the one could apply this indexed color range to any image. Since I quit using PS I cannot make screenshots or a vid of what I mean in detail. Thank you very much for the explanation and video 🙏 That helped me understand the swatches panel a bit more, now I can create own color palettes and even extract the colors from an image. Still I don't get the difference between the program-, document- and systempalette. That is all the same if applied to a singe document or as a modus operandi for batch editing and as a global preference. Still I would need to apply the created color palette to an image rather than from an image, there seems to be no option alike --- therefore the suggestion for implementing this option (or maybe there is actually a workaround?!)
  10. Hello Team Affinity, upfront I must say that you have some great apps, which I love using. However there is always a function needed. Sometimes work-arounds might work, but in this case I think it is needed by many users. In a future update it would be nice to see the option of indexed colors being implemented, as often there are projects which require a restricted number of predetermined colors. Choose from own/defined colors, save the individual color palette and apply this to any kind of image, that would be a fantastic addition 🤩 With best regards -Aran
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