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  1. Well played, Affinity. Can't wait for Designer on iPad and Publisher. After some talks with managers and such the company I work for is ready to let Adobe CC go. Within a two months or so we'll be getting a couple Affinity Photo's for marketing and I'll be getting AP and AD. Just like on my personal Mac at home. But, if my personal Mac ever crashes, I'm considering to stick with just an iPad Pro and get me all Affinity software. It's all I need.
  2. DHes37

    Affinity for Restoration

    Being subtle is key here. Otherwise it will look fake pretty fast.
  3. DHes37

    Weather App UI

    Check. I like the sun dial thingy. Maybe it can be a 'real' sun dial, based on the GPS + compass? Also like the clear sans serif font, all capitals, and simple icons. I do miss something but I can't put my finger on it, yet. Just one more element...
  4. DHes37

    Need feedback on some sketches

    Thanks for your feedback. Definitely helpful. I like that one too. Thanks.
  5. DHes37

    Weather App UI

    Nice work. A question; what's with the dial on the left screen? Is that some sort of sun dial? As for some feedback; how will it look if you apply Google's material design? What was your objective when you created this UI?
  6. DHes37

    Need feedback on some sketches

    Thanks for your feedback, Mike. I should've been more elaborated about the sketches; these are all sketches of the same landing page. The landing page should start with the work I've done (or at least a list of projects). No welcome whatsoever. The different sketches kinda resemble different styles. I'm not sure with which style I should go with. Like, should I go with the current trend and use gradients through my entire portfolio or stick with a more conventional style. Should I go with yellowish background or with a dark grey background with serif fonts. One thing's for sure, I'll be using 'D | H' as my logo. So that could influence the style that I should go with.
  7. Hi, Last month I finished my course as UX Designer. At the same time I launched my portfolio website using Semplice (some sort of WordPress tool). After two or three weeks I needed my website to be more professional with UX in mind, so I stripped most of its elements. But now it's too empty, bland, ugly. You can find my website here. So, while that ugly piece of crap is up and running I'm redesigning its looks. But now I'm running in circles and I need some feedback on the sketches that I made last week. Could you guys/girls gimme some? Obviously it needs more content, better photos and the text is just some copy/paste stuff. You are appreciated.
  8. Not in particular. Later this week I'll have to do some more drawing. Does it help if I do a video capture?
  9. I'm running OS X 10.10.5. What I mean is that AP crashes every 5-10 minutes while I'm drawing on my Wacom. Doesn't matter if it's wireless or connected with a cable.
  10. Since the latest update (couple of days ago) AP keeps crashing when I'm drawing with my Intuos Pro. Is there any information you guys need to keep it from crashing, or am I the first one to report this?
  11. Thanks. I'm just starting to using my Wacom, so I'm not that really at home with it. In Photoshop I used brushes that were set automatically. But now that I know this.... Thanks!
  12. I think I have the same problem. I'm in AP > brush > more > set everything on Pressure > and still no pressure sensitivity. What am I doing wrong?