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  1. Hi The updated behaviour change made in Publisher v2.0.3 is noted, but is still not correct. Using control/page up or down to scroll takes the user to the middle of the spread - not to the page above or below as per v 1. A further tweak would be appreciated. Thanks Derek
  2. On the Pages Panel, double clicking on the left or right page of a two page spread now brings up both pages, not just the left or right page to 100%. Why the change in behaviour from v1 which was really useful?
  3. Dan .. hi Thanks for your prompt reply. I am glad you have managed to reproduce the behaviour. I am not an experienced Affinity user and only learning through your excellent videos and by trial and error. So individual pages in my document will have undergone quite a lot of additions and deletions over time, but the master page settings have remained the same so also has the size and position of the master text frame. I have just tried an earlier version of my document (file last date 22/03/2022) which I know was stable and did not suffer this behaviour. I simply selected a page at random and just kept moving the cursor around using only the keyboard arrow keys (about 20 or so key strokes) and taking no other action. The programme crashed after about a minute. I found a backup version I had of an even earlier file (file dated 21/12/2021) - with the same result. Hope this helps. Thanks DerekC
  4. I am using a HP Desktop 400 running Win 10 Pro (kept up to date) using Aff Pub v 1.10.1342 with h/w acc OFF. Norton runs in the background. No other equipment connected except printer. Programme opens file correctly and operates as expected - until I start to use keyboard arrow keys to position the cursor at text I wish to delete. Repeating the keyboard stoke (eg left pointing arrow) several times causes the problem. The programme then just closes by itself so very recent changes made are lost. This happens each time I open the file. Sometimes the recovery programme captures changes as this is set at every 300 seconds. In all other respects, the programme behaves correctly. The file is too large to send as it is a draft for a book containing text, graphics etc., which anyway I would not wish to send as you will appreciate. So file attached is with most pages deleted (file name=AP problem). The problem happened on right hand page after about two minutes when editing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled AP. If I close and re-open the file, the problem still happens no matter which page of the publication I use. This behaviour only started to happen recently and does not necessarily occur straight away. Any thoughts please as it really prevents proper use of the software? AP problem.afpub
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