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  1. Yet they sell way more licenses then hardware. And my point was the price and logic of software, not hardware. Any company can make their piece of hardware if that's the case. Im out of this conversation, Affinity Photo became useless to me from first time I posted on forum where I found that I can't use same license on two different OS. So yea, Serif is just money grabbing company, nothing less or more.
  2. Wrong, you are so wrong. What makes you think everyone earns money if they/we own a license of v1? And what makes you think everyone have opinion that other software is better? 1. Buying a license doesn't always mean that buyer earn with licensed software, sometimes it's just to support developer. 2. Other software was mentioned as an example what other do (at least in my example). 3(my second 2 cents). Serif team already announced here somewhere it might get yearly upgrade, so what will new v2 users think then? It will be same as most v1 users think now. So just a quick money maker, old buyers doesn't matter to company.
  3. Im reading about cross platform universal license, which should be there before and it should be standard to be honest. Im moving from Windows to Mac OS on a daily basis and that bothered me when I noticed and figured that one license is limited only to one OS. And now when we need to pay for v2 same price as totally new users, this I don't agree. Let's be real, competition even if they have subscription is cheaper at the end when you run on two different OS + you get cloud support & mobile app. My point is, watch how Blackmagic is doing with Davinci Resolve. Their payment version makes cracking it worthless, people just either use free version or pay once for studio version and can be used on 3 different OS. And they even included free studio version with most of their hardware. It could be same with Affinity and Photo 2 in particular in little different way. Im sure, if you would offer existing buyers some very cheap license upgrade, everyone would upgrade. Right now I personally dont see any reason to upgrade my v1 to v2 (Im only Photo user). And I am sure many feel same. So thats loos of money. Affinity owners, think more strategically, don't just think how to grab money fast.
  4. Hi, I bought Affinity Photo last year when I used Windows. Now when I transferred to Mac OS it gives me option only to download for Windows and not Mac OS. Does this means I need to pay for new license again?
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