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  1. rockymountainjoe

    Picture frames on master pages broken in .305

    Hi fde101. Not sure if you're helping me articulate my problem or offering a recipe that creates the situation. If it's the latter, that's exactly what I've done, and it recreates the problem. I am unable to then double click on the image and see the zoom/reframing tools.
  2. When an image is placed within a frame that is from a Master Page, double-clicking on it does not bring up the move tool or zoom bar (which they do when I create an image frame directly on a page.) About the best I can do is use the Layer Panel and drill down and select the image and then I can move it within the frame or change its size by dragging the corners that are now visible. Any other suggestions? (I’m on a Mac, all up to date…) #LoveAffinityPublisher.
  3. rockymountainjoe

    Master pages

    Thank you for the discussion here. I would really like the ability to set up Picture Frames in Masters in Publisher.
  4. rockymountainjoe

    Crash upon opening large EPS file

    Previous to v1.2, I could open a large (1 GB) .eps file, but I did not save it in AffinityDesigner format. But now, with v1.2, AffinityDesigner crashes before it can open the .eps file. ----------- If I could get my hands on a pre-v1.2 version of AffinityDesigner, I could then save in AffinityDesigner format, and probably open that with v1.2. (I can't run my older version of AffinityDesigner -- it prompts me to download v1.2) 1) Can I get an older copy of AffinityDesigner? 2) Any other ideas? THANK YOU. -joe glynn Late 2011 MacBook Pro, 13" 8GB OS X 10.9.5