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  1. But I took it off and left it off and it made no difference - so I put it back on again! (goes and has another rumble around in there). Aha! I think it was you who mentioned earlier that it was only removing it for that paragraph, not the whole document. I just ctrl+A and unticked it, and yes, the issue is resolved. I am so pleased it is, but also embarrassed it was such a simple fix, after thinking I had counted it out. Wish I could shout you all a beer!
  2. Thanks Carl, I used the same Style template - which made it 350 pages, but only 4 on there. P.S we've just removed our version of Boris Johnson and replaced him with someone credible (in Australia)- it's so, so good. Hopefully BJ is gone soon too. Where do we find these buffoons? Eat My Shadow - 3-4 pages only.afpub
  3. Hi there, that 'you've reached the maximum amount of posts in 24 hours' popped up out of nowhere. I did respond thomaso, but unfortunately it's gone. The text did read strangely, that's because I'd been playing with it and cut some of it out. It wasn't indicative of the document where the sentences are unbroken. I had a go at copying and pasting the doc into word to see if the line issue follows through. It didn't. After setting up all the normal flow, spacing, font etc guidelines into a new Affinity File and then placing it - the issue was back.
  4. It didn't matter if I had widowed last lines selected or not. It made no difference. So I left it that way, tried every combination possible of the 4. The screenshot shows two pages, just the very bottom of the first page, ends, 'decided trips into the'. Which is the page I was referring to.
  5. I've selected all the text and changed all those settings to see if any of them work. They didn't. It's interested that it shows that blank line highlit on the first page near the top, but won't fill it with text.
  6. If I drag down the text field by about 1mm on the pages it's 'misbehaving' the text turns up. I tried to make it descend 1 mm on the master page, but it doesn't appear to resolve it. I have to do it on each of the pages it's incorrect. I don't want to go back to Indesign, so it looks like altering each page individually. Bugger
  7. I thought I'd give creating a new file a go - to see if it resolved the issue. It didn't! So whatever setting it is, it's a default.
  8. I wondered how I did that! Resetting it has made no difference to the bottom of the page though.
  9. Yes, using a master page. No shape on that. I guess if there was it would be uniformly every page it misses the last three lines, but it's scattered throughout. Yes, my text frame is on the master.
  10. I don't think so. It seems to happen every couple of pages, but with no real pattern. I noted that with special characters set - it shows only one line break, though it is physically 3.
  11. Thanks pbasdf - They're all 0 - also ticked the box balance text in columns. Which made no change either.
  12. Not keen on that option. It's putting my novel out there a bit sooner than I'd like. Happy to send it to someone though?
  13. Thanks GarryP. There was prevent widowed last lines ticked. Unticked it, no change, and second option they were all on '0' - I did spot a couple of other options while in there, such as Balance Columns, and hide overflow, but none of them have made a difference. I did notice that the text style is set at 'No Style'. So I changed it to body which ripped up my document, so removed that option.
  14. I've typeset a book, but the page length varies. Sometimes there are 3 additional lines which should have text in them, and yet they are left blank. If I backspace to try and fill them it doesn't work. Just crowds it onto the final line. It makes no sense to me, I've done every Google search and watched umpteen Youtubes on it, but I can't find a setting or answer that relates to my query. Are any of you typesetting Affinity Publisher angels able to answer this for me? The image shows how there is room for 2-3 more lines, and as it's not a paragraph change, text should just lead on from here. Thank you.
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