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  1. Hello Affintiy Community, Here is a feature which I would like to see in Affinity Photo. It is the ability to configure a specific view. Purpose is to make textures more seamless through the Clone and Repair Brush, or to edit them in general. As a game designer, I would find this feature incredibly handy. This could also be used for creating tilemaps or other patterns. I've created a mock up of exactly what I mean. Greetings Nono
  2. Hello community, I miss the possibility to fill areas. And by that I mean without much effort. I realize that what I want is already solvable by workarounds. But I don't want (especially with more complex shapes) to always have to use workarounds. Inkscape offers a tool that automatically detects surfaces and creates a new closed curve with fill color with one click. When I first started working with Affinity Designer, I was hooked. Then when it came to coloring what I had drawn it felt almost impossible for me.... Dear Affinity Team... please add the ability to detect closed areas and fill them. Greetings Nono
  3. +1 Have been looking for an alternative for Inkscape. The UI of Affinity Designer appealed to me immediately. However, in my opinion, a few important features are still missing, such as the Auto Trace mentioned here.
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