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  1. Well, that's true, but in this case the yellow tones of the image became white and all the highlights have a pink/red tint. So I would say those are incorrect colors. It can be fixed with overlays tab, but that is a slow solution while that problem is not present with the Apple RAW engine.
  2. Thank you for the JPG! But I would like to solve the problem so I can visualize RAW files correctly and make further adjustments.
  3. Yeah, reading other threads I saw that changing the RAW engine fixed their problems, but I'm on Windows are there's only one RAW engines, the Serif RAW engine. So unfortunately I cannot fix it by doing that.
  4. Hmm... Is there any reason why in Affinity Photo has incorrect colors? In FastRawViewer looks correct. It's very strange...
  5. Hi stokerg and thank you for your welcome and your response! Here you have the RAW file. P1000130.RW2
  6. Hey! I have a problem with RAW files in Affinity Photo on Windows. Every time I open a RAW file the colors are incorrect. I realized that in develop persona the image is treated as a 32 bits HDR image, changing the options of the assistant did not fix anything. I also tried changing the color profile option but I get the same result. This is how it looks in Affinity Photo: And this is in Luminar 4 (correct colors): Thank you for any help!
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