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  1. Thank you Carta for that elaboration. Those two examples eloquently summarizes my use cases in their entirety. To add to this second point, geospatial PDFs can be loaded onto mobile phones with the Avenza app. From there, the phone's GPS is used to show users where they are on the map, like an offline Google Maps. My current workflow without this feature is as follows: Develop a georeferenced PDF in QGIS containing the major map features required for project. Although Designer will discard the georeferenced metadata, this type of export from QGIS generates vector layers for editing. Import into Designer, clean up and organize vector layers. Perform edits and refinements. Export from Designer as a PDF. Import back into QGIS and re-associate the geospatial information. Export final PDF from QGIS. The import back into QGIS will rasterize portions of the PDF and I lose control over my color format. In addition, the process of georeferencing will cause distortions as the software tries to stretch and shrink elements so they conform to specific geospatial constraints. While this certainly works, once the final product has been created, future modifications require me to start from step 2. This entire process also results in a substantial loss of quality.
  2. When modifying a pdf with geo-reference metadata and exporting the results. I would like an option for that metadata to be preserved. Currently, this information is stripped and the resulting export is useless as a geo-referenced PDF. This feature is vital for using Designer over Illustrator for map design. This feature was additionally requested in 2017.
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