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  1. Here is an export using PDF/X-3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f1dnrn2xv0z04jg/bjorg-green.pdf?dl=0 I also noticed the "Embed profiles" for the first time *sigh*. Maybe I'll try another one with the same settings and "Embed profile" unchecked.
  2. I admit to total ignorance in choosing the color profile, and the PDF version. The industry standard in Iceland for creating print-ready PDF's is well documented for Adobe products. In the standard, color profiles are not included in the documents. Mac_heibu, do you expect this to be solved using PDF/X-3? I am willing to try (although I don't expect a reply from my printer until Monday morning).
  3. Yeah, I know. Everything looks good. But the printer still gets a mixed black. I have no explanation at hand. I would really appreciate knowing why this happens, and knowing how to fix it. The only thing I know is I need this to work *right now*, and I know how to (and that doesn't involve AD).
  4. CC bought. But I'd appreciate to know how to fix this. I will continue to follow the Affinity apps though. Continue your good work. I might be back one day :)
  5. I am trying to send a PDF document exported from Affinity Designer to the printer, but he keeps rejecting it because the black is rich an not C0 M0 Y0 K100. In the document it is correct. If I open the PDF in Affinity Photo, it is correct. Can you imagine what is going on here? I am totally out of ideas, and reaching for the Buy button on Adobe CC. Attached is one of the PDF exports I'm talking about. bjorg-green.pdf
  6. Here it is. (In these situations I never know if I should hope I'm being stupid, or hope this is a bug :) ) buggy-text.afdesign
  7. I'm pretty quick on the update button, so I expect the second to most recent version. Is there a simple way for me to find out? The file is huge, almost 1GB. I'll try to extract the faulty text boxes into a smaller file and link it here.
  8. To fix this, I had to redo the text that was broken. That is, create a new text box, paste clean text in it and restyle. Not as much work as I had anticipated, but still an unpleasant experience. I would appreciate any ideas as to what this may have been.
  9. I updated AD yesterday evening, and today text in text boxes has somehow collapsed so there is no line-height. Changing the line height does not affect anything. Restarting the application does not make a difference. This is happening to all multi-line text in my document — on the day I need to export it and supply it to the printer! Edit: I jumped the gun a bit. This is _not_ happening to all text boxes. Just some of them. (Which is just as mysterious to me). And to make this even more fun, new text boxes don't seem to be affected by this. (However, copy/pasting the misbehaving text into a new text box, does not help.) This seems like not-a-bug, but a mistake I may have made without knowing. Is there a character or paragraph setting that does this? Again: Changing line-height has no effect.
  10. This happened again this morning, and took me until now (13:45) to fix. I think I know what's causing this. After rebooting, rebooting in safe mode, trashing references, and opening the app holding down the ctrl key, I opened the "Mission control" and deleted all extra desktops, leaving only one. Problem solved. This may be a bug. PS. This also happens to me with Pixelmator (nothing drawn on the canvas when more than one desktop is available). I am inclined to think my hardware (old old) is at fault, but who knows (not me).
  11. Resetting the app worked! Thank you very, very much! Do you know why it worked?
  12. I have to mention that it is quite possible that this is a hardware problem, as my computer is really acting up. I am, however, hoping that this is something I mucked up which can be fixed.
  13. Since yesterday, for no reason I can find, the canvas area is always black. I can select things, see their outlines when selected, move things about and even change their color (although I can't confirm that it actually happened), because the canvas area shows nothing. This happens for a new document and when opening documents. Below is a screen shot with things selected on the canvas.

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