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  1. IMO it doesn't have to be a Lightroom replacement, something like Bridge would do just fine for me. Guess that would be a lot easier to build.
  2. Wouldn't it be nice to have an "Import from Unsplash" option when creating a new document. As I understand Unsplash have an API that supports this.
  3. Color and print profiles would be nice to have in Designer too. I hope this is on the road map.
  4. pomme27, I have kind of the same "problem" as you but not as time consuming as yours. I want to make a file (Photo) with a bunch of banner images as different layers and some of them are bigger than the canvas. When in the export persona I want to select a layer and click create slice and the slice should have the size of the canvas, not the whole image/layer. I don't want the extra work to resize the slice for every layer. I almost consider the current behavior as a bug.
  5. I would like to see some function for easily switching between before/after preview in the adjustments panels. Keyboard shortcut, toggle or maybe split view like in the filter panels.
  6. It was the matte color. After setting it to white the png export (Export Persona) is working as it should. I agree with Matt that a white matte makes sense if the document isn't set as transparent.
  7. Thanks for your answers and testing guys! I'll do some more testing tonight and will get back to you with the results. :-) // Leif
  8. No, I'm attaching the afdesign file here for you to look at. news_magic.afdesign
  9. Hi, I have made a very simple image with a photo, a circle and text. When exporting it the jpg version turns out fine but the png version gets cropped (See the attached image.). I have searched the forum but haven't found anything about this so I hope I don't double post about it. Have someone else experienced this? Or am I doing something wrong? Seems to me this is very easy and straightforward so I can't imagine I'm doing something wrong. // Leif
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