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  1. Thank you @kareldries. Yes, it is a shame as I make use of this feature a lot in my work and I wasn't getting these results in version 1.5. Expanding seems to be a workaround although not very practical. I could expand it in another program but that wouldn't be so efficient as you mention.
  2. @Bri-Toon I'm getting results similar to @Inspirimental with regular shapes (circles, etc..) and before in version 1.5 this was not happening. There was some distortion but it was minimal and in some cases. I'll be trying out the beta release to see it still happening for me.
  3. @MEB @TonyB Thank for the info. I'm struggling with expanding strokes with 1.6. I'll be testing the latest Beta and provide feedback.
  4. @Alfred Thanks! Good to know. I'll be testing the beta to see what happens.
  5. I'm still struggling with this. Making a shape bigger to minimize the produced effects is not working for me as there is still deformities when expanding the stroke.
  6. @kareldries Thank you for the link. There only seems to be an option for Windows. Oh too bad, I don't have a backup version of affinity. I'm working on a logo and struggling with expanding strokes, it is very annoying and before it worked ok. Does anyone know if there are any news on this? Did anyone find a workaround?
  7. Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue with small or big objects on AD version 1.6. I've tried several options from reading in the forum but it is not working correctly. Is there a way to roll back to AD 1.5 in the meantime? Thank you
  8. Hi, This is happening for me too, with small and big objects. I've tried with a circle 300 x 300px and still when expanding stroke it not working correctly. I'm using AD 1.6. With version 1.5 I only had experienced it with rectangles with rounded corners only.
  9. Hi, Is there any updated on this bug? Is there a way I can roll back to AD version 1.5? I'm experiencing it when expanding strokes with rectangle shapes with rounded corners and also with circle shapes. I've tried with small shapes and bigger ones. I'm using AD 1.6. I think this did not happen as much with version 1.5 but I cannot verify that since I can't go back.
  10. Hi, Is there any updated on this bug? I'm experiencing this issue when expanding strokes with rectangles shapes with rounded corners and also with circle shapes. It is very annoying. I've tried with small shapes and bigger ones. I'm using AD 1.6. I think this did not happen as much with version 1.5 but I cannot verify that since I can't go back.
  11. I would really like to have plugins functionality. This would be extremely useful to create batch processes, like exporting assets, and much more. A plugin like Runner (http://sketchrunner.com/) for Affinity would really help speed up the workflow and allow to clean up the UI by hiding some of the tool panels.
  12. Yes, I agree. Please consider adding an option in the view menu to hide the Help/info contextual bar at the bottom to get that extra space.
  13. Thank you!! I reviewed the videos. Still when using absolute values for dynamic shapes there is apparently no way to resize and keep the proportion. I can achieve this, however, de-selecting "absolute sizes"to use precentage values. It would be great if the corner tool also had the ability to use percentage values so shapes that have been modified with it can be resized proportionally.
  14. +1 on this tool. It is a must for a complete vector software and very very useful. Please add it. I know it will be great since Affinity Designer is already great!!
  15. I use dynamic shapes a lot! I think they are great! Is there a way to scale proportionally a dynamic shape that is using absolute values for its properties? E.g. I have a rounded rectangle with 4px rounded corners and when I scale it down either using a percentage or pixel value the corners stay at 4px. I can accomplish proportional values using percentage values for the corners but I would like to use absolute pixel values.
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