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  1. @colorsHaveChangedAgain and @N.P.M. I'm still unable to recreate this. Can either of you try to cause the freeze and calling up Task Manager and right clicking on Affinity Designer and select Create Dump and upload it here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/rOVmBMERY6kFP7Dlbm1d Thanks, Lee
  2. Hi colorsHaveChangedAgain, Could you please attach crash reports following the directions below? Lee ,
  3. Hi all, thanks for the extra detail on this, It's a known issue and will hopefully be resolved soon. Lee
  4. Hi, Thanks for reporting this all, @Pyanepsion Is there a way to recreate the behaviour preventing modification? Lee
  5. Hi, Thanks for the information, it's possibly linked the known issue that will be fixed in a future release so we'll check this is also resolved. Lee
  6. Hi Beck, Sorry for the delay in the response, This seems to happen if you export to PDF version 1.7, 1.6, 1.5. If you export to PDFX1A or higher it works. We have a logged issue for this and hopefully it will be resolved soon. Lee
  7. Hi, Thanks for reporting this, we've logged this as a bug and hope to resolve it soon. Lee
  8. Hi @DylanGG, This isn't an issue with our software, but rather a graphics driver support issue with AMD for OpenCL. This affects any software using OpenCL heavily and as such there's nothing we can do, only they can resolve it. Lee
  9. Hi Volker Krenz, We've tested the NIK apps and aren't getting this, have you run the applications in full standalone before running them in our app? Beyond this I can only suggest reinstalling the plugins from scratch or contacting the plugin maker for further support. Lee
  10. Hi frankmcp, I'm not able to recreate this on my imac pro, Have you run the apps standalone first? I can only really suggest reinstallation or contacting their support. Lee
  11. Would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of your process window (ctrl shift esc) whilst this is occurring? Lee
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