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  1. Thank you, thats good to know. The decision was made for me as apple has some very misleading advertising. While it is only £180 to upgrade to 24-core GPU, you must also upgrade the RAM to 32GB which is another £360!!
  2. I am about to buy a MacBook Pro and wanted to know whether it is worth upgrading the chip to a 24/32-core GPU. I will be using all 3 affinity programmes on the laptop. Most commonly publisher and designer, I only really use affinity photo for making mockups or small edits on pictures like removing backgrounds or depixilating images.
  3. Ahhhh, I didn't realise you could click on format and more options were displayed 😆 I did a find and replace and replaced 2 paragraph formats but preflight still displaying the error!! I was able to change the preflight settings so that I can still export the document but it's a very frustrating bug.
  4. The preflight on publisher says that I am missing a font on page 1 of my doc but when I press locate in the font manager it takes me to page 17. I have reinstalled the font, deleted the template I thought that might be causing the problem but now it says the font is missing from page 2. I have changed all the fonts on both pages 2 and 17 and its still coming up. I have also tried to use the find and replace function but it doesn't give me the option to search for a font, only character and paragraph styles. This is my dissertation and its due in 10 days. I need to be able to export it but this damn thing won't let me
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