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  1. RussPitcher

    Assets and document DPI issues

    Do you have any idea when the importing issue might be complete? It's now been around six months with important functionality broken. I've been a big advocate for Affinity products, and I still am, but the lenght of time that it is taking to fix this is quite ridiculous.
  2. I'd definitely love to see a Lightroom alternative in the Affinity Suite. I can pretty much guarantee I'll buy it the instant it's available.
  3. RussPitcher

    Assets and document DPI issues

    There are definitely general DPI issues too. When I take a file with an A4 template at 72 DPI and change the DPI to 300 with [Anchor to Page] selected I expect to see the items on the page change size relative to the page. Instead I see no visible changes. Then if I open Document Setup again I see that the page size has changed from 210mm x 297mm @72DPI to 50.4mm x 71.3mm @ 300 DPI, so rather than changing the DPI, the page size has been changed. I can then leave the DPI at 300 and change the page dimensions back to 210mm x 291mm and select [Rescale]. As expected there is no visible change but now I've managed to arrive at 210x297@300dpi, which is what I wanted in the first place. If I then change the DPI from 300 to 72 and select [Anchor to page], the page dimensions change to 875mm x 1237.5mm and the DPI appears to change to 72DPI, again there is no visible change but the page size has changed. It seems that rather than rescaling resolution and keeping the page size as specified, it's rescaling the resolution and leaving the page size to jump around.
  4. RussPitcher

    Assets and document DPI issues

    Is there any way to download the latest 1.6.x version of Designer? I need to get some work done and the dimensions are critical as they need to align with previously made physical items and some of the assets are used as templates for a cutter.
  5. RussPitcher

    Assets and document DPI issues

    Here's the file I used. Thanks for the quick response. Engraving - 2019-01-27.afassets
  6. I have just installed Designer after rebuilding my PC this week, previously I was running on an earlier edition - I forget which version exactly. I have a number of assets that I imported from a backup .afassets file and these seem to be misbehaving after the upgrade. The assets appear to be 50% size when I drag them on to the page. At first I assumed I had the document DPI incorrect - I do some work in 72dpi and some in 300dpi - so I created two clean A4 documents, one with 72dpi and one with 300dpi and dragged the assets once onto each page. Despite the different dpi settings the assets were the same size on page and both were 50% smaller than they should be. I also tried changed the DPI using the document setup, but there was no change to the items created from the assets. The page dimensions would change if I selected rescale, but the items on the page would never change apparent size no matter what I did. Has asset/dpi management changed intentionally in this version and, if so, how can I fix my assets so they behave correctly? Thanks.

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