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  1. will affinity designer 2 add DWG export? Ive noticed the DWG import feature. which is nice. but DWG export would be a game changer for many out there. the ability to design in affinity designer 2 and export DWG would be huge. then I could easily import that into Shapr 3d app on my ipad. and extrude and use those designs in a 3d context. please make this feature available soon. or an alternative that would allow direct import into Shapr 3d. thanks
  2. maybe I'm missing it, but is there an option to open a JPEG, or bitmap image and trace,or convert it to a vector file for further editing? If not there should be one, it would be a great option. even if it had only a few modes like black and white, and 5 color it would make me convince me to convert from adobe illustrator
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