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  1. jesele

    Transparency doesn´t work

    I have the same problem. Jesper
  2. jesele


    But then wouldn't it be smart to use that to align all the non locked objects to the locked one? Jesper
  3. Hi, no I don't mean automatically but sometimes this function would save a lot of time. Tried all snapping options already and at least not yet found anything that helps. But of course snap at intersection would help a lot. I know that booleans sometimes helps but not always. Jesper
  4. jesele


    It's still selectable from the layers panel. Create two objects, lock one of them, select both from the layers panel and do align. Jesper
  5. jesele


    I thought that locking one object before aligning might do the trick but the locked object moves also. Jesper
  6. Hi, add nodes at intersections would be extremely useful when joining together objects. Jesper