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  1. I just want to be able to add another node to an already closed one without swapping tools or creating a new curve layer is my whole issue.
  2. Then how do I add another point on a curve layer that's already closed without having to click on the node tool itself? If I hold ctrl from the pen tool to use the node tool shortcut it just wants to delete part of the curve.
  3. Maybe have what you're describing as default, and the other options as alt click and ctrl click? Having to swap tools to add an additional point on the same layer feels like an unnecessary step.
  4. I personally think clicking on the line should add a point to the existing layer, and ctrl-clicking should add one on a new layer.
  5. I did figure it out. I just think it's an unnecessary way to do it. I should just be able to click on the existing line that's there to add a point, not add a new one on-top.
  6. That's frustrating, but I got it to work thank you. Hopefully that'll be changed really soon, it feels awful.
  7. That deletes part of the curve, that's not what I'm trying to do. I just want to be able to add an additional point to the curve layer without having to remake the entire layer from the beginning. Desktop 2022.04.07 -
  8. I'm trying to add an additional point with the pen tool to a curve layer, but when I try to do so it tries to make a separate curve on top of it. Am I missing something?
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