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  1. I wa also looking for this. I simply added a contour to my stroke and used the fill tool.
  2. Thanks. The brush panel didn't change anything althought it did make it a bit better. Breaking the shape at the node solved the problem.
  3. I made this shape with AD. Is there a way to close the gap when using a brush? This is all vector. Closed shape. At the moment I have to add another line on top.
  4. Thanks to all of you. I am just answering but have checked all the replies as they came. @firstdefence: Video was quite usefull for me!
  5. I'm selecting a shape in AFPho. I then need to add a stroke to the selection. All in pixels.
  6. Hello, Am I wrong or there is still no stroke path? This is such an essential feature. When I select a shape I should easely be able to stroke the path with a color and a width. Any simple workaround for this? Thanks.
  7. Oups!...and thanks. The eraser tool was with the wrong brush! Pretty basic...I guess I will call it a day! I imagine the week was more demanding than I thought!
  8. When I use the brush (pixel) in AFD. I can't erase the line properly. Pixels remain. They will erase with the selection tools (lasso or others.) brush_erase.mov
  9. Thank you. I hadn't noticed I was moving outside the art board. I simply moved everything inside.
  10. I am having this strange issue. In designer I have both vector and pixel layers. I draw a vector shape and move it under my pixel layer. If I select the shape to move it it will jump back to the top? I can move it back down but it will not stay under the pixel layer. Also seem's to be acting like a mask. moving_layer.mov
  11. Thanks. Just tried it with SVG and works fine. I didn't grasp the fact that I was using a JPG!
  12. Hello, I want to create a printable and enlargeable PDF document. The type you can zoom into a map and still have nice graphics. What is the best practice. JPG at 300 dpi. I imagime I have to import big images inside Publisher so they can be enlarged. The document would print at a normal letter size on A4. Thanks.
  13. I use AFPhoto for almost all my work. In this instance it just a lot simpler to use LRoom because of the batch possibilities.
  14. Thanks. If I make the preset in Develop PersonaI I will have to open every image one by one. If I have many images that makes for a long process. I might go with Lightroom for this. If I'm not mistaken I can batch process RAW files. I will check this out.
  15. Hello, I want to import multiple images that are all closely related and have the same camera setting. I will then be able to apply the same corrections to all the photos. I looked for a Batch tutorial. Did I miss it or is there none? Thanks,
  16. I modified the document with my workaround. I will try to reproduce my first attempt. Might me just me Do you want me to post the file here?
  17. Hello, I currently have a grouped folder with many curves to create a halftone pattern. When I select all the images I can't add them together. How can I do this? I'm missing something! Thanks. UPDATE: Just tried it in a new document I made to make pattern only. Worked. Still don,t know why it doesn,t work in the other document.
  18. Yes shards or geometrical shapes with irregular angles and sides. No rounded edges. UPDATE: Decided to do it in AffPHO. Used the pen tool with a 1 pixel stroke to isolate sections and have a good registration of each stroke. Then I selected each section and copied that part of original image. Pasted back on it's own layer. Ended up with the whole building in 8 parts.
  19. Hello, I need to slice in AffPho a building in different parts that will be used in animation. These parts will not be regular. I want to export the slices as PNG to rebuild the building before it falls. I looked at the slice tool but it seems to be geometrical only. Is there any way of achieving this beside doing one piece at a time copying and pasting on different layers? Would it be better to do it in AffDesigner? Thanks.
  20. Affinity Publisher In a exported PDF document is it possible to have a popup window open when we hover over a selected place on a map. This would be a text popup with a name. After we could click on the bullet or the name and go to the anchor on another page. Anchor part is solved I was just wondering on the popup. Thank you.
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