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  1. Here is the PNG export window with options. In french. Simple layer with shapes to make holes in the underlying layer. As mentioned before will export properly when the whole document is selected. Will not export properly when only the selection is exported. Some detail I don't get. batiment_toronto_troué_B.afphoto
  2. After export I see exactly as the image I posted. Background is transparent. No color. I discovered that when I export the whole document it works. If I export a selected portion of the document it doesn't.
  3. Hello. Affinity photo I have a layer with circles they are colored so I can see them. My underlying layer is a simple B&W image. Selecting the top layer I choose erase from the blending modes. I get holes which is what I want. I export both layers as a PNG and...no holes! Thanks.
  4. I had disabled the touch option on the tablet. I will turn it on and see how it works with my workflow. Thank you.
  5. Indeed. Also the Mac version. Problem is I am using a Wacom Intuos. Good to know. Thanks.
  6. I haven't found any "free rotate canvas" options.
  7. Thanks. I always forget to mention....on Mac. I assigned a shortcut so at least it is a quicker.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for my basic pens. I can't find them in my dropdown menu. The screenshot is all the pens I have. Are there any basic pens ? If so, where can I get them back? Is there a way of resetting without losing my custom pens? I do have my basic brushes in pixel persona of AFD. Maybe I am just lost here while I have been moving acrooss quite a few apps !
  9. Ok. Everything works fine. I was making the wrong assumption that I needed to save the preferences. If I simply modify them and close the window then everything is fine. I can save them if I need a specific workflow with shortcuts. Also had a few preferences file in the folder I created so I trashed those to start fresh.
  10. Thank you all. Yes. Should have mentioned keyboard shortcuts! Strange that I have to reload. I will remove them and start from scratch and see what happens.
  11. AFD > Preferences (Mac) I set my preferences and saved them. I then work. Close the app and when I restart I have to reload them. I saved my preferences in a folder. Maybe this is the reason ?
  12. Hello, Everytime I start AFD or AFPHO I need to reload my custom preferences. How do I keep them active without the need of reloading them everytime ? Thanks.
  13. This is what I am doing now. Since they are constrained and linked I select one value and the other is updated. I don't need rounded values but similar scales for different layers. All 80% etc... Thanks for the info.
  14. I would like to scale a layer or a layer group to the same %. For example: scaling layers to 80%. How do I do this. I can't find any windows related to this. I can select and then drag but I would like to enter a value so all the layers get the same value. I can select the layer and use the transform window but there are no percentage options. UPDATE: Found the answer here !
  15. I found my brush after a lot of searching. So I can confirm that this option would be a real time saver and practical!
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