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  1. Hi, this is my small Affinity Photo review... Sorry, in Russian, for Russian designers and photographers http://fotoexperts.ru/news/affinity-photo.html Thank for your assistance, Affinity – great software :-)
  2. I found the answer to the question. It occurs because of the MacOS version. On my iMac (10.10.4) works. Great! On Macbook (10.7.5) – doesn't. I can't press the button More ----- «More» – sounds like «Sea» in Russian :-) Trip to the More
  3. Thanks! It doesn't work anyway.
  4. Hi, today I found that doesn't work expanded export settings in version 1.3.5 – botton «More» doesn't work. It only my mistake, or I do something not so?
  5. Great! Perfectly, hit in a point! It that I looked for! Thanks for help.
  6. Thanks a lot! I couldn't find a video lesson – how to separate the person from a background, for example hair on a strong wind. Perhaps, such lesson already is?
  7. Thanks! Here the difference – to apply the Lighting effect to a layer or to use the live filter with Lighting filter to a layer. In the first case it is impossible to edit in any way!
  8. How to remove earlier applied Lighting effect? I can only edit effect, I can add new light sources, but I can't find in any way the button which will allow to remove effect completely. How to make it? Thanks