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  1. How do you export with a saved recipe / preset? How do you lock/ have the app remember exporting settings?
  2. Thank you DWRIGHT that is pretty strange coding! let me see if it has to do with my printing issue...
  3. Hello first let me congratulate you for the amazing ipad app, just loving it...fantastic work...I am running the Beta I am running into an issue though with exporting my tiff files for printing. I export them as 16 bit tiffs in the adobe RGB space because there is no Prophoto option ( where is it?) and adobe RGB seems to be the next best choice ... correct? the export files opens perfect in AP desktop but wether I try to print the file from the IPAD or export in Prophoto from AP desktop they do not print properly but look like closups of very heavy noise artifacts.... I am printing from COLORBURST OVERDRIVE that reads the file and shows a normal preview. Never had a problem with COLORBURST and AP desktop files What do you reckon and suggest??. I think it could be interesting to put together a tutorial about preferences both for AP desktop and AP Ipad
  4. Vera cool congratulations !How do I get a beta version please?
  5. Same issue exporting best quality jpeg maximum size to Facebook perfect in AP iPad pixelated in FB
  6. The best upload workflow seems to be through Dropbox no issues so far and quite fast for large raw files. Now I wonder what would be the best way to upload raw files and store them on the iPad directly is there any good third party catalog browser software recommended (I really do not like the apple photo interface). ???
  7. what about raw editing ? is that part of the plan ? are you recommending any catalog app for the ipad pro?
  8. Thank you so much Lau, I too was guessing on a an OS failure because the black files always reopen properly in PS or AP...until the next OS update that should be coming up soon I guess I will send some files to PS that also ouputs properly. I downloaded ACORN to test their output today....surprising app for 30 usd ..... I am also now relying more and more on Capture one and can output from there.
  9. ok patrick sorry not intending confuse anyone with new topics, anybody has an idea on what is going on with these tiffs files? is this a serif issue or an apple image viewer issue?? have opened my files???
  10. All tiffs will export corrupted black and greyed out in preview ..reopen correctly in AP or PS CC yes Even past TIFFs on desktop are now black on mac viewer and unreadable by most software, including overdrive ( print driver) ... Oddly it opens in PS and back in AP.... Restarted and rebooted yes What can be done ? Link to hardware configurations screenshot with black previews and corrupted files: https://www.hightail.com/download/cUJWeFVYQzNEbUs1aWNUQw
  11. FILES ON HIGHTAIL : https://www.hightail.com/download/cUJWeFVYQzNEbUs1aWNUQw
  13. sliders will not stay, stick to the value you slide them.they have a life of their own :} example slide radius to 50 and it will drop to 30 or go up to 66 on its own. could be a wacom pen on the cintiq 27 wacom is super buggy too but the fact is in one year i have never seen affinity stabilized 100% I use it everyday as my main editing tool and love it but they still havent found how to stabilize it for intense use in my view. I am actually starting to spend more time in phase one capture one to avoid the bugs and just finish work in AP
  14. Do you experience buggy live filters sliders ? more specifically the blur and sharpen filters ? I keep doing a CTLR RESTART REBOOT to refresh the app on a regular basis but it doesn't look to me like it is really stabilizing it. Have also reinstaled from the app store on a regular basis but to no avail. When you do a reboot CTLR RESTART is it necessary to select everything or can you keep some personal preferences like studio? any other suggestion for the live filter sliders that do not stay in place and do not slide normally? any suggestion to stabilize the app? change preference performance settings??? working on a mac pro 6-core 64gb and AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB
  15. why do sometimes I cannot find guides or snapping features , visual aides to center and align text or objects??? the snapping window is full of options and presets what do you recommend using for creating docs with text or moving documents around in composites??? cheers
  16. great james really appreciate your input! I will stick to 16 and avoid to many live layers at a time!
  17. thank you james let me try to clarify something about 8 bit or 16 bit precision. I have been printing at 8 bits on a very glossy celulose paper with great outputs and loads of ink savings. Is there any advantage editing in 16 bits in this case ???? (apart from saving a file you can use on a more demanding paper like 100 % cotton where 16 bits makes a big difference obviously everything would speed up at 8bits but what would I be loosing during editing? visually is there any loss? thanx again
  18. What slows down AP? I have noticided AP slowing down after intense use it seems....any tip on that? , what routine worflow do you recommend to avoid that? thank nk you, cheers
  19. what do you reckon is the best work flow to use lab colors in fine art work and print properly??? thanxxx
  20. what are the limitations with using LAB colors in AP and printing? thank you ! what is the correct LAB WORFLOW FOR PRINTING ?
  21. good to Knie MEB That is a good sign indeed. It would be great talking to him when he gets back! thank you
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