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  1. andremacola

    Will Designer Beta Continue?

    Hey @Sean P Nice, all my stuff are in the Beta. Customize shortcut keys (that I did not export), custom configurations, panels locations and custom toolbar. It would be great if you guys provide some export function to import in any new user installation. It is always boring when we need to refresh the workstation.
  2. andremacola

    Will Designer Beta Continue?

    I tried to open the Beta on Mac but it says to download the beta from the App Store ( I purchased from App Store ). I can`t find the beta in the app store. Already have downloaded the 1.7 stable version I have a custom configuration settings on beta that I want to migrate to the stable version
  3. andremacola

    New app icon ?

    There is something wrong with the icon size, maybe a bit taller?
  4. andremacola

    Do not work on Mojave

    Hi @Chris_K I just completely removed Publisher Beta .133 with Clean My Mac and reinstalled. All seems to work fine now.
  5. Actually this is happening with all apps in Mojave (eek Apple!!) Here is a discusion with the same problem: https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/13164 (oh God Apple!?!?) I tried to use the command below that partially solved the problem with some apps but Affinity UI stopped to work properly. defaults write -app Affinity\ Publisher\ Beta NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool No OBS: Please, zoom in 100% the image to see the white line.
  6. andremacola

    Do not work on Mojave

    On OSX Mojave Publisher only shows a black screen.
  7. andremacola


    The hyphenation for pt-br is terrible, you need to fix this guys.
  8. See the video and the file attached for example. bug480.mov bug.afdesign
  9. +1 for that. Resize the frame text all the time is a pain
  10. When I opened an image on Affinity Designer to export for jpg or png I was noticing a bug at images sides, was exporting a blank or transparent area. So i did some test and I realized it was the zoom. IF zooming with mouse or zoom tool[z] the problem not occur. Only if do cmd 1 or cmd + to fit the image on canvas. Here a video, the first time I used cmd+1 shortcut, the second time the mouse and a third time a print screen from artboard to proof Sorry for the english bug.mov
  11. Hi, I'm a heavy fireworks user and really liked que Affinity Designer. Here some suggestions that for me is kind of feature killers. 1 - Measure Rulers form perfect ui alignment and creating objects. 2 - Fit to Canvas (Clip Canvas) quick button (at the top maybe?) 3 - Snap panels at the bottom of the program UI. Here example image: