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  1. Actually this is happening with all apps in Mojave (eek Apple!!) Here is a discusion with the same problem: https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/13164 (oh God Apple!?!?) I tried to use the command below that partially solved the problem with some apps but Affinity UI stopped to work properly. defaults write -app Affinity\ Publisher\ Beta NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool No OBS: Please, zoom in 100% the image to see the white line.
  2. See the video and the file attached for example. bug480.mov bug.afdesign
  3. +1 for that. Resize the frame text all the time is a pain
  4. When I opened an image on Affinity Designer to export for jpg or png I was noticing a bug at images sides, was exporting a blank or transparent area. So i did some test and I realized it was the zoom. IF zooming with mouse or zoom tool[z] the problem not occur. Only if do cmd 1 or cmd + to fit the image on canvas. Here a video, the first time I used cmd+1 shortcut, the second time the mouse and a third time a print screen from artboard to proof Sorry for the english bug.mov
  5. Hi, I'm a heavy fireworks user and really liked que Affinity Designer. Here some suggestions that for me is kind of feature killers. 1 - Measure Rulers form perfect ui alignment and creating objects. 2 - Fit to Canvas (Clip Canvas) quick button (at the top maybe?) 3 - Snap panels at the bottom of the program UI. Here example image:
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