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  1. Hello Callum, PSD files with fonts (vector based export) is somehow for us very important to ensure a smooth workflow with others that do not yet have affinity. We love affinity for its easyness to use and for its outstanding performance. though we encourage everyone to use affinity, yet a few people still use PSD files. thanx for looking into the import on the other program.
  2. Heya, My workflow. Receiving PSD (texts and fonts included) Edit with affinity (text and font editing) Export PSD The exported PSD does automatically convert editable text fonts to "pixel", which cannot be edited after psd export neither by photoshop, pixelmator, nor by affinity native. two questions - When is the psd font export feature on the roadmap? - GIMP does not import any psd file created by affinity. (compression incorrect), why? thank you!
  3. Is Font embedding for PSD Export also on the roadmap? My workflow involves taking pSD-files, modifying them with affinity, and re-export them to PSDs. There currently I lose texts (Grafik Text) with gets converted into PSD (pixels) When will font embedding for PSDs work?
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