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  1. Believe me it does. I don't pretend to know how these rasterising programs work but they seem to work on the assumption that there is no such thing as pure black or pure white in a greyscale image (a reasonable assumption). In any case, a high halftone screen resolution might be 200 dpi (many digital presses use less), a fraction of the resolution of the raster engine (or a typical 600dpi 1-bit image), so you'd end up with what was effectively a very low resolution image with jagged edges. Indeed, if you applied a screen to the text, it would look terrible.


    There might also be cases where you are reproducing an existing halftone (say from an old book). There are two ways to avoid screen clash (the moiré pattern when two screens have been applied to an image): (1) soften the image to remove the visible screen (which will inevitable reduce image quality); or (2) reproduce dot-for-dot, where you maintain the original screen pattern. This can only be done with a 1-bit image.


    Will Affinity Publisher manage the footnotes as Indesign presently does? When I import a .docx file into ID (the word file has footnotes) ID can automatically import them. A precious feature I use everyday. 


    I would say that InDesign's handling of notes is rather poor. It has no facility for endnotes so I have to use InFnote from Virginia Systems. I don't expect Affinity Publisher to improve on InDesign in its first version but it would be nice to see support for endnotes at some stage.

  3. I was devastated when I read that... I need a program like publisher soooooo badly right now... I DON'T want to even think about using InDesign.

    Well, I'm using InDesign CC at the moment and it is fantastic but it is also horrendously expensive. All the other programs mentioned here are not in the same league. If Affinity Publisher is as good as Photo and Designer (and I'm sure it will be), then it will be a worthy replacement, although I'm not sure what I'll do with my last 20 years' ID files.

  4. Fascinating discussion. I have an Adobe CC subscription which I really can't afford and a mid-2007 iMac (max 4GB RAM) which I can't afford to replace. I can't get Illustrator (which, like others, I consider inferior to Freehand) or Photoshop CC to work at all, while Affinity designer works very well on my decrepit machine. When Publisher becomes available, I'm hoping I'll be able to dump my Adobe subscription – but I may well go bust before then.

  5. Hi! I'm Peter. I'm a publisher and I've been designing and setting books and book covers since the 1970s. I produce both print books and ebooks. The first decent vector drawing program I used was Freehand when it was still owned by Macromedia. I never liked Illustrator much. Affinity Designer is by far the best and most intuitive vector graphics program I've come across. If the photo-editing and DTP programs are as good, I might actually be able to escape the horrendous burden of an Adobe CC subscription. Mind you, I think toppling InDesign is a massive task.

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